Young Woman Plans Her Wedding To Her Nurse While Under Anesthesia

Let's just own it: There is often something downright hilarious about people who are coming out of anesthesia. The doctors have done such an excellent job making them forget their pain that it makes them want to sing or shout for joy at completely random times. They're groggy and mumbling through ridiculous one-sided conversations and sharing all the thoughts that we typically try to filter before speaking out loud.

Whether it's this patient's passion for her nurse or how embarrassed he is (but trying to stay cool), you are sure to laugh through to the end of this video. Nurse Luke is just too handsome for his own good, but he does his best to take care of his patient while she plans their wedding day. Watch as he tows the line of being obliging and kind, while not digging himself any deeper.

No word on whether the wedding day for Luke and his patient ever came to be (we're guessing maybe not), and we are sure this poor girl was fairly well mortified when she saw the video. We certainly would have given our friend or family member—whoever took and then posted this video!—a really good talking-to after the fact.

On a related note, if you are going under anesthesia anytime soon, we suggest confiscating all phones and cameras first!