Young Couple Secretly Fix Neighbor’s House To Erase $3,000-A-Day Fine

Anne Glancey was known to others as a recluse. She didn't make many friends over the years, and her family was not around to support her. Over the years, her house began to look rather decrepit, to say the least.

Because the house was in such bad shape, Glancey faced multiple code violations. If she didn't repaint the house, cut the grass and impound the rusted car parked in the yard, she would have to pay $3,000 per day in fines, $1,000 for each of the three code violations.

Five years earlier, Kristin and Adam Polhemus moved next door to Glancey. Shortly after moving in, they reached out to Glancey and became quick friends with her. After learning about her code violations, they decided to do something about it.

They called everyone in their phone book who could help. Then one day, without warning Glancey, the Polhemuses started working on the house. Every weekend in the summer of 2016 was full of volunteers scraping paint off the house, re-painting the house, cutting the grass and getting the rusted car out of the yard.

Kristin Polhemus/Facebook

This act of kindness by the young couple did more than transform Glancey's house. When Adam and Kristin's team started working on the house, Glancey would stay inside and keep to herself. Now, she was bringing homemade carrot cake and fresh orange juice to the workers outside her home. Throughout the summer, she met her other neighbors and became friends with people she'd never have met before the Polhemuses came along to help.

Kristin Polhemus/Facebook

Today, Glancey's house looks incredible, but that's not the only incredible transformation that happened in the summer of 2016.

"To see the joy on our neighbor's face, I think the biggest thing is Anne's happiness and her kind of restored life," Adam told PEOPLE. "Her outgoingness to other neighbors is based on her house being improved."

Adam Polhemus/Facebook

Glancey expressed her thanks to the young couple and their team.

"They are good Samaritans, really wonderful and thoughtful," she said. "Not everyone would arise to the occasion and I am grateful for it."