Yankees Fan Loses—Then Finds!—Ring During In-Stadium Proposal

In-stadium proposals aren't for everyone. It takes a special kind of gal to want to share that big moment with thousands of her nearest and dearest. But, for one lucky lady, her botched proposal has now been seen by fans the world over, too.

This video of Yankee's fan, Andrew Fox, attempting an in-stadium proposal to now-fiancee Heather Terwilliger has us all cringing (then cheering).

During Tuesday's Yankees-Red Sox game, Fox, the proposer, was all set to drop to his knee live on videoboard when he dropped the ring. The videoboard cut away in an attempt to ease embarrassment, as nearby fans helped with the search.

Lucky for us, all the drama was captured live on video. The action in the stands proving to be TV magic as the announcers called a play-by-play of the search.

Fox eventually found the ring, and to everyone's surprise and delight, Terwilliger said yes! Here's the happy couple after the fact: