World Traveler Says ‘Mom, I’m Fine’ In These Awesome Photos

Moms worry.  It's what we do. We need to know our kids are safe.

No matter where in the world our children may travel, live, work, play, we just need to hear three little words: "Mom, I'm fine."

For one 27-year-old adventurer, Jonathan Quiñonez, checking in with his Mexican mom has become a worldwide phenomenon.

In March, Jonathan told family and friends he quit his consultant job in Brussels and sold his car to live his lifelong dream of traveling the world. He left Belgium, and headed for his first stop: Cuba. Limited internet and telephone, and time differences between Cuba, Belgium and Mexico added extra challenges for checking in with family. So, Jonathan had to get creative to reassure his worried mother.

He took a picture to let her know he was fine.

From there he continued taking pictures at each and every stop on his world tour and began posting the photos on Instagram. That Instagram account now has more than just his mom's attention with 177,000 followers.

Skydiving in Mexico

Waterfalls in Costa Rica

Scubadiving in Panama

Sloth smiles in Costa Rica

Getting a little help from friends in Peru

Visiting landmarks in Brazil

Mountain climbing in Bolivia

Eating pizza in Italy

Beginning his latest adventure in Morocco

On his website, Jonathan says he will start to focus his next adventures on humanitarian projects. Primarily focusing his efforts on orphanages, explaining "as I am always saying “Mom I'm fine”, I want to do something for those who don't have a mom."

In addition he will do what he can for the environment. He writes, "if I am traveling that much, it's because I fell in love with our planet. Time to protect it!"

Follow Jonathan on Instagram to keep track of all his adventures and projects, or just check-in to make sure he's, you know, fine.