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Women’s Hairstyles You Should Ditch

Women have a variety of hairstyles that they can choose from. From wild and crazy to sleek and refined. However, there are some hairstyles that aren’t quite “in” right now. Here are some hairstyles that women shouldn’t use anymore.

Brushed Out Frizzy Curls

It used to be that everyone was obsessed with having their hair straight. However, natural curls have been embraced once again. However, those curls aren’t exactly frizzy. Brushed out and frizzy curls just have an unkept look to them that isn’t the most appealing.

Super Tight Buns

It doesn’t matter if the bun’s on the top, middle, or low, tight buns are out. They can actually cause hair loss. Pulling on your hair follicles in that tight bun puts a ton of stress on the hairs and weakens it over time. This could lead to a bad case of traction alopecia, which can take three to six months to resolve.

Intricate Braids

Regular braids are coming back in style. More intricate braids like the waterfall or fishtail, even if they’re said to be rather simple, they can take forever to get done. They don’t even look that bad, it’s just more of a time saver to use a simple braid.


Chignons were originally just a formal hairstyle used for weddings and proms. They became pretty popular a few years ago, but they’re not exactly the best way to style your hair for the day-to-day. The worst part about it is that the style works best on hair that hasn’t been washed for a few days.

Looped Bun

It’s not one specific style, but a certain way of doing a bun. One loop, two loops, or as many as you can manage. However, they’ve fallen out of favor because of how long they can take to get done. They also put a bit of stress on your hair follicles, making it not too healthy for the hair to deal with.

Mid-Level Ponytail With Wisps

Mid-level ponytails seem to only real work when you’re getting in a workout. And the wisps are starting to fall out of favor too. At least the thinner wisps of this type of style. Thicker ones have been becoming more prominent in the hair fashion community. Some people have started using two thick strands instead of one as well.

Finger Wave Bob

The finger-wave bob hasn’t been a particularly flattering haircut since the 1920s. It’s just an out of place hairstyle to use. Not to mention, it requires a ton of prep work and maintenance to get right. Nobody’s hair naturally makes waves like that after all.


You’d probably be hard-pressed to find anyone using a beehive haircut outside of a costume. Just, nobody needs hair that big. No matter how you try to twist this style, you will look out of place.

Feathered Flip

The feathered flip was popularized by Farrah Fawcett in the 70’s. Another name for it is even “Farrah Fawcett hair”. However, the style itself is outdated and requires too much effort to maintain. Even if you have long, wavy hair there are plenty of other styles that you can use.


You’ve probably already noticed that you barely see mohawks nowadays. Barring the fact that it’s an appropriated style from the Mohawk nation of Native Americans, it’s a real flashy style that a lot of people think looks ridiculous. Especially when people try to spike them up or dye them.


Any adult with pigtails gives off the vibe of someone trying to look younger. But like they’re trying to look way too young. Nothing wrong with putting your hair up in pigtails when you’er walking around the house, but in public, pigtails just look childish. Most women can’t pull off the look effectively.

Spiky Hair

Long spikes or short spikes, you should not try to get spiky hair. It’s just not cool anymore. Everybody started trying the look to emulate Pink, but only Pink can really pull off the look at all. And trying to keep your hair that spiky just isn’t worth the effort.

Short Nape

The short nape is another ’80s haircut that made a resurgence. However, it doesn’t exactly look good in the present. With the hair being buzzed in the back and getting longer as it moves towards the front, it looks kind of like a mistake. Except it isn’t. You can probably try out the look if you already have short hair, but don’t cut off all your hair if you normally keep it long.


There’s just something a bit unnatural about hair that smooth and straight. If your hair isn’t naturally straight like that, it’s clear that you’ve done it yourself. There’s more beauty in the little imperfections in fashion and appearances and pin-straight hair is just too perfect. Not to mention, keeping it like that isn’t healthy for your hair. Waves and curls are in right now anyway.

Side-Shaved Bob

The side-shaved bob looked really good at first. It made people look a little alternative. Natalie Dormer certainly rocked the look in Catching Fire. But, it didn’t take long for the look to get a little date. It’s just a little bit too postmodern. And it’s not exactly timeless either.

Sleek High Ponytail

Ariana Grande’s been sporting a sleek high ponytail for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that you should too. It’s also another look that’s bad for your hair. Keeping a ponytail tied up that high on your head causes friction and breaks where the band is applied. This will cause frizz or a clean break. Not to mention, there’s the general strain it puts on your scalp. It’s another hairstyle that can cause hair loss.

Split-Dye Hair

Split-dye hair hasn’t completely fallen out of favor yet. The problem more so lies with the unnatural colors people used to use. It simply became too hard to maintain the colors and keep them looking good. Nowadays, people that attempt this look use more natural hair color shades for the dye.

Platinum Blonde

If you’re a natural blonde, then going platinum blonde may not be that big a deal. But if you’re not, you’re really doing a number on your hair. Not to mention, it’s just much more difficult to maintain the look. You’d require tons of toner, multiple visits, and be damaging your hair follicles with how often you need to do all this. Dark-haired people would just be better off sticking with their dark hair.

No Bangs Haircuts

Now, not necessarily saying you should have long and prominent bangs, but some bangs seem to be better than no bangs nowadays. They can really drastically change the way you look. They just have a way of framing your face to bring out your best features.


Now, this isn’t a style that looks bad. As a matter of fact, every women with long hair that wears their hair like this often looks great. But it might just not be worth the upkeep. If your hair isn’t naturally wavy you’d need to constantly be working on it. And highlights in the waves would need to often be reapplied. You may look good with this look, but there’s plenty of other hairstyles you’d certainly look good in as well.


One-length hairstyles are common for people that put on layers of hair dye and wisps. However, with more hairstylists recommending that people stop dying their hair due to the damage, the one-length is becoming less popular. It already encouraged hair to lie flat and lifeless. And it made you look a little bit like you had a bowl cut.

Crimped Hair

Crimped hair has never really looked that great. Not to mention, the crimping irons you’d use to style your hair can damage it pretty badly. That goes for all hair irons, but the crimper’s especially bad. But if you’re going to still do it, at least put on some heat protection spray first.

Frizzy Waves

Waves look great. At least most of the time. However, trying to get bigger and bigger waves can lead to a problem. That problem being frizziness. It was a legitimate style for a while, but having this much frizz just makes it look like you don’t comb your hair.

Top Knot

Top knots aren’t just out of style for men, but women too. They have the same issue as the super tight buns in damaging hair, but these ones have another specific issue. Turns out, the tightness of a top knot, and its location on the head, can even cause terrible headaches.

Super Long

Everyone reaches a point where they have to cut their hair. If you’re not chasing a world record or have some sentimental reason as to why you keep it so long, you should at least consider getting a trim. Long hair is heavy and hard to keep clean. So keeping it on the shorter end will help you feel and look healthier.