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Woman Using Coupons To Feed 30,000 People By The Time She Hits 30

Lauren Puryear is busy. Very busy. She has set a goal to feed 30,000 people by the time her 30th birthday rolls around—and she's on the clock. The New Jersey resident will turn 30 on Sept. 14, 2017.

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Puryear, a single mom to a 5-year-old son (that's him below), started her crusade four years ago when her grandmother Marion "Nana" Smith passed away. Puryear wanted to continue her grandmother's legacy of doing things for others.

“(She) always taught us to help other people and to love other people,” Puryear tells Scary Mommy about her grandmother. “I know that she would want me to carry on her legacy.”

She started an organization called "For The Love Of Others," and makes food deliveries in and around the state of New Jersey.

"I first research locations where there is a homeless population and then look at the laws to make sure I'm able to serve in public. And then I just go to the area and let people know I'm there," she told GMA/Yahoo.

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Here's where the extreme couponing comes in. Lauren figured out she could feed a lot of people by using coupons to buy food.

“I was introduced to couponing about eight months ago and knew that was my golden ticket to be able to help so many people," she told Scary Mommy. "After I couponed for 50 jars of Ragu sauce and 100 boxes of Barilla pasta all for free, I knew I was going to make a difference in the world."

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GMA/Yahoo says she has fed 5,572 people since she started couponing, with the next big delivery next month in Washington, D.C. Twelve hundred people will benefit!

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"I was able to get the items for free or for little to no money," she explained to NJ.com. "There are coupons in the Sunday paper, or online that you can print? so I collect as many as I can, match them to the store and that is how I am able to get the items for free." Puryear told the site that she can feed as many as 150 people on just $20. Girl's got some couponing game, folks.

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Puryear talked to NJ.com about the beauty of taking on this cause with her son.

"It is very important to teach him to help other people," she said. "The little things we take for granted, the food we throw away every day? and if we just spread a little more love around, the world would be such a better place."

Can't argue with that logic.

You can donate to support Puryear's efforts via her website.