This Woman Is Selling Out Of Her ‘Make America Kind Again’ Signs

Despite your political alignment or how you feel with the results of the recent presidential election, there's one message 26-year-old Amanda Blanc thinks we should all agree on.

According to ABC News, Blanc is pushing the slogan “Make America Kind Again,” and she's been putting it on yard signs and selling them on Etsy since before the president-elect was announced.

And even now that Donald Trump has been voted into office, her sales haven't slowed down. If anything, she's in higher demand than ever before.

"When I designed it I was only going to order 15 or 20 of them," Blanc, 26, told ABC News. "My thought was, 'If I order 100, I'll get stuck with 80 and I don't need that pile in my living room.' But my husband encouraged me to go ahead with it, so we ordered 100 on a hope and we sold out in less than 48 hours."

Perhaps her signs sold so well because the message is so simple and one that, red or blue or somewhere in between, we all can agree with.


“The biggest thing is for my kids to see kindness," she said. "I have really young kids, and I don't want them to grow up in this world where everyone is so angry to each other. Between friends and family groups, the politics are driving people apart because they're holding onto politics rather than family values. Kindness needs to be the most important thing to focus on. We need to be kind and respect one another. People can have different views, but I do want to assume that everyone can be kind."

Since the signs were such a hit, she's been able to expand into putting the slogan on tumblers, tote bags and decals. The signs are on sale for $13.50, and the most expensive item is the $16 tote bag.

So, it definitely won't cost you much to support this message. And it'll be worth every penny. Check out her Etsy store to get shopping now!

[h/t: Yahoo!]