Woman Gives Her Car To Family Who Lost Everything In Fire—Urges Others To Follow Suit

A Kentucky woman has shown us what it means to be a friendly neighbor. Even if that neighbor is all the way over in Tennessee.

The Pelcs recently lost everything—their home, personal belongings and their car—in the horrific Tennessee wildfires. Jenny Blanton of Lexington went to the DMV to trade in her car. But after hearing the Plecs' story, she decided to give it to them instead.

And this isn't one of those old clunkers from 1980 that has 250,000 miles on it and rust everywhere. The car is a nice tan-colored Cadillac.

"[The DMV] said, 'You don't want to trade it?' I said, 'No, I'm taking it to Gatlinburg, giving it to a family," Blanton told WATE-TV.

Once the paperwork was signed, the Pelcs couldn't believe their good fortune.

"I could never imagine people could be as generous as Miss Jenny was when she donated my wife and I this car," said Greg Pelc. "It's going to save us so much. We won't have to walk to do laundry or grocery shopping."

Blanton reciprocated the feeling. She said she felt "an overwhelming kind of joy" and her "heart felt good" when she gave her Cadillac to the Pelcs.

But she doesn't want to be the only generous one. She hopes her generosity spreads throughout the region.

"I'm one person, one car. If car dealerships out there can donate, it doesn't matter to me how many, bring them in," she said.

"Jenny is an angel of hope," Pelc said.

To do their part, the Pelcs will gladly give rides to those in the Gatlinburg area who lost their own car. If you give them a call or honk your horn or "holler at them," the Pelcs will pull over and take you to your destination.

Think of it as a free, paying-it-forward Uber ride.