Willie Nelson Performed This 92-Year-Old’s Song, And Here She Is Listening To It For The First Time

You're never too old, people!

What will you do when you’re 92? Apparently, when you’re Lyndel Rhodes, you’ll get to hear a song you wrote be recorded by Willie Nelson.

The video of Rhodes listening to Willie Nelson’s recording of her song for the first time has gone viral, with over a million views on Facebook. You can see her singing along with Nelson, providing the back-up vocals and singing the chorus as best she can. At the end of the video, which was shared by her son, Buddy Cannon, you can see Rhodes singing along, providing a little harmony.

So how did a 92-year-old woman get Willie Nelson to record one of her songs?

It helps that her son is in the “biz,” as they say. Cannon is a country music songwriter and producer who has produced songs for many country musicians, like Kenny Chesney, Reba McEntire and Nelson. According to Nelson’s publicist, Cannon sent the song to Nelson, who loved it and started recording it immediately.

On a Facebook post, Cannon said he received a reply from Nelson a few hours after sending the song to him. Nelson said, “I love it. Let’s cut it.”

Nelson said, through his own Facebook post, it was “such a sweet moment to witness and share.” Even though Cannon said the song would be on Nelson’s next album, Nelson’s publicist couldn’t confirm that the song would indeed be on it.

The song, titled “Little House on the Hill,” was the first song Rhodes has had recorded—but not the first video of hers to go viral. Cannon has posted videos of him on the guitar and Rhodes on the harmonica, with some videos having more than a million views on Cannon’s YouTube channel. Rhodes also released her debut album, Gospel Harmonica, last year.

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She’s still surprised by what Nelson did for her.

“Well my ‘Little House on the Hill’ song has been recorded by Mr Willie Nelson and who would have thought it,” she said.