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What Your Sitting Position Says About Your Personality

Sitting isn’t something you think much about, you just do it. Everyone has the sitting positions that they normally gravitate towards. But did you know that your sitting position can say something about how you feel. Here are some sitting positions and what they say about your personality.

Leg Spreading

Some people seem to get annoyed by people sitting with their legs out, sometimes referred to as “manspreading”. People that sit this way have trouble sitting still or concentrating. They love fast-paced environments, can get easily bored, and normally speak before thinking through what they were going to say.

Ankles Crossed

This is a generally elegant and regal position, one that makes yourself and those around you feel comfortable. Additionally, it means that people that sit this way generally like to feel in charge. It’s a common sitting position done by members of the British Royal Family.


You’ll also see this position a lot when people are meditating or practicing yoga. It’s done by people with more open minds and more carefree demeanors. People that sit in this position are just open to hearing new ideas.

Resting Your Hands In Your Lap

If you rest your hands in your lap, not together, possibly between your thighs, it’s likely that you prefer keep to yourself. That doesn’t make you selfish though, you probably prefer to put others first. You rarely get upset and able to stay in control of your emotions. This means that you’re humble, unassuming, compassionate, gentle, and just easy to be around.

Clutching The Armrests

Armrests are for support, and that’s what the people that grab onto the armrests while sitting provide. People that prefer to use armrests are likely more sensitive and keep and eye on their environment. They probably need a bit more comfort and security as well. Otherwise, clutching the armrests could mean they are stable, grounded, and reliable.

Sitting In An Airport Chair

You can find out a little bit about a person by how they sit in an airport chair. If you sit in the middle of the seat, you’re more confident. People that sit in the side are more introverted and don’t want to be surrounded by others. And the most outgoing people sit in the middle. They’re more bold and think they can make friends more easily.

Arms Crossed

It may seem as though someone that crosses their arms while they sit is unapproachable. However, that’s not exactly the case. People like this are generally strong and confident, albeit, a little defensive. They otherwise may feel as though they need some form of protection or security. They’re basically shielding themselves from the world.


While you’re not technically sitting while in this position, there’s still plenty that this position can say about you. People that normally kneel like this are assertive and helpful. Caregivers, including parents and grandparents, go into this position a lot to get at eye level with their children. Regular kneelers also tend to be natural leaders. They can also be witty and great problem solvers.

Clasping Your Hands In Your Lap

Someone that clasps their hands tightly in their lap tends to be an emotional and passionate individual. They have a natural charisma that draws others to them. They also tend to be naturally trustworthy, warm, sweet, and funny.


People you see reclining in chairs may seem a little lazy, but that’s not exactly what’s going on, at least not all the time. People that sit in reclining sitting positions are often trying to just take in everything going on around them. They tend to be more analytical as opposed to just acting out. They also tend to be more empathetic.

Knees Together

People that sit with their knees together and feet facing outwards normally have a Type B personality. These are the creative and charismatic people that generally love spontaneity. These kinds of people can often find themselves in rouble, but are quick enough thinkers to be able to get out of it. The sitting position also represents popularity, friendliness and adventure.

Legs Crossed And Moving

People that sit with their legs crossed, especially with constant shaking or bouncing, normally have a Type A personality. People that sit this way are normally more organized, prompt, and reliable. They’re normally calm under pressure and always pay attention to detail. They also tend to be generally understanding of others.

Legs Crossed And Not Moving

If you cross your legs, but stay more motionless, this means that you probably have a big imagination. People that sit this way likely get lost in their own daydreams and also great storytellers. Traits common to people that sit this way are generally empathetic. They also just know themselves very well.


People that sit in the sidesaddle position are normally delicate, caring, or just sweet overall. It’s also a somewhat flirtatious sitting position that sends signals to others that you may be interested in them. Sitting with your knees and chest pointed out towards someone can also further signal that interest.

Folding Your Hands In Your Lap

Looking at where someone’s hands are while their seated is just as helpful to decipher their personality as if you were to look at their legs. Folding your hands together in your lap denotes a personality of a calm, kind, and peaceful individual. People that sit like this are also rather introverted and enjoy their alone time. Yet, they can still be passionate about the world and the people that live on it. They probably won’t speak a lot, but be sure to listen when they do.

Straight Legs

People that just sit with their legs straight and their feet flat on the floor tend to have a few common traits. They’re rather intelligent, rational, punctual, neat, and orderly. They’re generally more reserved and love talking openly and honestly about themselves. They also tend to be the best person to go to in a crisis, since they know how to stay calm.

Straight Back

It’s pretty common to be told to sit with a straight posture. For those that normally do, they tend to be more confident, strong, reliable, caring, and trustworthy. While they’re the most responsible, they also enjoy having a good time as well as the little things in life.

Legs Tilted To The Side

A more refined way of sitting is by keeping your legs together and tilted to the side. People that sit in this position are also often goal-oriented and focused on their careers. They may end up being perfectionists, especially when it comes to appearance, relationships, and health. This can cause them to miss out on some of life’s most previous moments.


For people that sit upright, they are often decisive and confident in their decisions. They love to be in control, but can still be depended on to help and even rescue others. There’s also a chance that they take their health seriously, hence why they sit with a straight back in the first place.

Leaning Backwards

Casual in appearance, leaning backwards is a sitting position of people that tend to do things sensitively. They can be good at analyzing people and emotions, finding it difficult to just remain indifferent.

Leaning Forward

Leaning forward as your general sitting position denotes a generally inquisitive nature. They’re the kind of people that love making new friends. They also know how to impress others by showing their appreciation. However, they can still get easily carried away with affection or questions.

Legs Together

Just sitting with your legs together and your back straight gives someone a more struct and cold appearance. However, people that sit this way are more sincere and kind than expected. Although, they can still be meticulous and perfectionists. They always have to be on time when it comes to any worthwhile matter.