All The Times When Wedding Photographers Captured Something More Entertaining

A great wedding photograph is a treasured keepsake of one of the most special days of your life. In most cases, couples have a clear plan of what they want: flattering poses, smiling faces — and definitely no vomiting.

But sometimes the wedding photos don’t go quite as planned, which doesn’t mean they’re not worthy of a place in the photo book. Some of the following images might bear the hashtag #weddingphotofail, but we’d argue that they’re actually winners.

Errant Veil

The veil can be one of the most unpredictable parts of the wedding. This shot, taken by NYC elopement photographer Sascha Reinking, shows a bride in a potentially precarious position. Hopefully the elevator wasn’t going anywhere.

Unexpected Upchuck

Here’s some more proof of how challenging it can be to photograph children. Well, it’s better out than in, right? The bride’s expression is everything in this image taken by Sascha Reinking.

Hands In Wrong Places

California-based Shawna Henrie of Bleudog Fotography is used to capturing all aspects of a wedding day — including those behind-the-scenes shots that don’t make it into the album. In this photo, the groom needs to work on his hand position. Several inches lower would be perfect.

Timely Stroll

You might be able to control what your subjects are doing, but as for everyone else … well, not so much. New York City-based photographer David Perlman had all the elements of a stunning image, until a woman, a baby and a stroller got in the way. Still, at least she seems to be doing her best to get out of the shot as quickly as possible.

What’s The Story?

We’re not quite sure what’s happening in this photo from Shawna Henrie of Bleudog Fotography. Is the groom trying to sit on the bride’s knee? Is her garter caught on her cowboy boot? Whatever’s going on, it’s one of those unscripted moments nobody plans to capture on camera, but it sure adds personality and humor to a collection.

Dogs, Dogs And More Dogs

Those middle-of-the-road photographs are bound to be difficult to nail. They’re made even trickier when a pack of dogs needs to cross. But the grooms in this photo from Sascha Reinking Photography loved their canine interlopers, making for a truly sweet, spontaneous image.

Run, Bridesmaid, Run!

Bridesmaids have lots of jobs during the big day. They need to make sure the bride has everything she needs, and they can sometimes become photographers’ assistants, of sorts. David Perlman managed to capture one bridesmaid mid-flight, racing to get out of the shot after ensuring the bridal gown was just right.

Location Invasion

This image from Sascha Reinking Photography shows a stunning bride, perfect veil placement, a beautiful backdrop … and a couple of gate-crashers. You might be able to control what you do when your photo is being taken, but you can’t account for other people. However, this sometimes leads to the pictures that make you smile the most.

On Your Bike

Here’s another road-crossing shot that took a little while to get right — because you just can’t account for rude cyclists. If you can forget about the guy on the bike, you can appreciate the fabulous city backdrop in this Sascha Reinking image, not to mention the dapper groom and exquisite bride.

Cool Off However You Need To

A wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, sounds pretty magical … and hot. Del Sol Photography captured this bridesmaid making smart use of a fan! Del Sol has caught tons of funny wedding moments, and you can find more of them on their website.

When The Umbrella Fails

This was almost a sweet shot of a bride underneath her umbrella. Hey, they say rain on your wedding day is lucky. It looks like this bride, shared by Del Sol Photography, luck overflowing in her marriage!

If The Mood Strikes

The lure of that gorgeous turquoise water was seemingly too much for this groomsman to resist. Lucky for us, Del Sol Photography was there to capture the moment. Can you really blame him though? It does look inviting!

Kids Will Be Kids

It’s hard for some adults to sit through a wedding ceremony — and even harder for young children. It looks like the up-close-and-personal visitors of this lovely beach wedding only made the bride and groom smile wider. Also, props to the wrangler for managing to hang onto his glass and a child at the same time, and to Del Sol Photography for capturing the photo.

Groom In A Veil

Amanda Nguyen Hammond’s Instagram post is another example of a veil that just won’t cooperate. In this photo, taken by Shawna Henrie from Bleudog Fotography, Amanda’s veil has gone over to groom Scott’s side. But he seems to be enjoying the experience.

Do I Have To Stand Next To Him?

Weddings bring two extended families together. Sometimes that’s great, and sometimes it’s … not. This picture is Keira’s “favorite wedding photo of all time,” she revealed on Instagram, partly because her mother-in-law (on the left) is “very sweet by nature.” She just didn’t want to stand next to her ex-husband.

Photobombers In Motion

The bride looks surprised, the groom looks irked, the runners look like they couldn’t care less. So, photographer Ben Lau decided to get revenge.

“New rule (that I made up just now): If you want to photobomb our photoshoot, I’m going to make you famous,” he wrote in his Instagram caption.

In reality, Lau told us that the shot actually ended up being one of the couple’s favorites! We can see why.