Watch This Unexpectedly Sweet Moment Between A Polar Bear And A Dog

Hey, Disney, here's an idea: What if you made a movie with a polar bear and dog who become unlikely best friends in the middle of Canada? Or maybe a story about the polar bear having a dog as its pet?

If you're looking for inspiration, just take a look at this cute video:

While leading a couple clients on a tour in Canada, David de Meulles stopped the bus near a famous Eskimo dog sanctuary in Manitoba. In the moments after stopping, de Meulles described the scene he and visitors witnessed as "heartwarming" and "absolutely beautiful."

"This big bear had just woken up from a cat nap and stopped right by the dog," de Meulles told ABC News. "The bear then just started gracefully petting the dog like a human."

According to de Meulles, this was a rare sight to see. "It was incredible to see such a powerful animal be so friendly with such a small dog," he said. "Normally, these animals are known as killers."

The moment was so beautiful, it even made one person on the tour cry with tears of joy.

"I was so happy to be able to get her to see such a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime thing," he said. "She was ecstatic."

We're also ecstatic for Disney to make this into a movie soon. We can see the title now—"Paws and His Dog." The polar bear's real name is Paul, but since no one else can understand his accent, the other animals all think he's saying "Paws," and the name sticks. It will show the adventures of Paws and His Dog (the dog's name is His Dog) as they roam the Canadian countryside, jumping glaciers and running into seals along the way.

They say life is stranger than fiction—looks like it's sometimes sweeter than fiction, too.

Now as soon as Pixar and Disney get involved, we're all going to see that movie.