Watch This 80-Year-Old Model OWN The Catwalk

Have you ever fantasized about being a model and walking the catwalk? Maybe you think that you don't have what it takes. That you are too old or that only young 19-year-old models belong on the runway.

Well, one 80-year-old man is proving all those stereotypes to be false! Wang Deshun, an actor and artist from China, devotes his time to staying fit and active and trying new things. As The Huffington Post reports, the actor works out three hours a day.

All his effort paid off when Deshun walked the catwalk at China's Fashion Week last year. I mean, just look at him!

The man knows how to work it!

It is no wonder everyone is now calling him China's hottest grandpa and that his tagline is "Be the Fiercest."

Check out the video celebrating his amazing dedication to fitness and health here.

Deshun proves that no matter how old you are, it is never too late to chase your dreams and dedicate yourself to health and strength. In fact, he says that he never even stepped into a gym until he was 50 years old! Talk about transformation.

His message for everyone is clear.

Don't let time or aging be your excuse for not taking care of yourself. The body is very forgiving. In fact, even the smallest positive changes to your lifestyle will have immediate results for your health and well-being. For example, if you stop smoking, your body starts to reap the benefits within just 12 hours, including lower carbon monoxide levels and more oxygen in your blood. Having a glass of water can do everything from improve your mood, your digestion, and even prevent headaches. As Deshun proves, you are never too old to start living a healthy lifestyle! So get out there and do something good for yourself today—you deserve it.