Watch This Pilot Propose To His Girlfriend Mid-Flight

We're all used to the standard in-flight comments from the pilot. "We're currently at 30,000 feet with just a touch of turbulence for the next 10 minutes or so," or "the temperature on the ground is a balmy 76 degrees, thanks for flying with us today." Passengers onboard a recent flight from Australia to Los Angeles heard a very different sort of announcement from their pilot, however.

Veteran Qantas pilot Captain Dooley Ellis was at the controls of his plane, and his girlfriend, Ana, was on the passenger manifest for the flight. So he figured, "no time like the present" and asked her to marry him over the plane's PA system! Apparently he bought the ring three months ago, and had been waiting for the right time to ask.

So he makes the announcement? maybe some nerves here. Better let your mate fly at this point.

And? she hears it. Looks good so far!

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But he wasn't done yet! After (presumably) turning the plane over to his co-pilot, he gathered up the ring and flowers and headed back to the cabin, with the entire cabin as a witness.

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You can see from the caption what her response was!

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Fox News says the couple has been living together in Sydney for four years—they met in Spain in 2012 while they were both doing a pilgrimage.

Ana is Colombian, so Ellis made sure to ask for her hand in marriage in Spanish. The pilot said the time was especially right for a proposal, as Ana was on her way to an extended visit with her family in South America.

"She leaves me in Los Angeles tomorrow to visit her parents, children and friends in Colombia and I will be a sad bachelor for the next two months,” Ellis told Fox News. Of course, now that the couple is betrothed, we are hoping that two months apart will be just a blip in a lifetime of happiness ahead.