Watch This Man Take On A Kangaroo To Save His Dog [Video]

Dogs truly are man's best friend. At least, that certainly seems to be the case for this Australian man and his pet dog, Max.

There's a video that's making its rounds on the web (to the tune of 28 million views) that shows just how much this man cares for his dog.

The man in the video, Greig Tonkins, is a zookeeper by day, so he clearly knows a thing or two about animals. CNN reports that Tonkins was on a camping trip when he saw his dog getting held in a head lock by a kangaroo.

He jumped out of the truck he was in and rushed over to save Max. The kangaroo eventually let Max out of the headlock, but then was standing face to face with Tonkins.

To ensure they could make a safe getaway, Tonkins punches the kangaroo square in the nose. The kangaroo looks a little stunned, but eventually hops away. Tonkins and Max are safe!

It's unfortunate that the kangaroo had to get punched, but a dog owner's got to do what a dog owner's got to do. And it's nice to know that both Max and the kangaroo are ok. And now, he kangaroo might gain some manners and think twice before putting a dog in a headlock again.

CNN showed the video to people on the streets to get candid reactions, and some folks sided with the kangaroo, while others think Tonkins was just doing what he had to do. The comments section on YouTube seems to be similarly split. Some commented on Tonkins' bravery, while others condemned his actions.

I'm guessing those who side with Tonkins are dog owners themselves. Because there's something inexplicable about a love between a man and his pet. Not everyone gets that, but Tonkins certainly feels the unspoken bond. All that really matters is that everyone is safe and sound (animals included).

[h/t: Playbuzz]