Watch These Identical Twin Sisters Who Were Separated At Birth Meet For The First Time

Can you imagine finding out you have a sibling you never knew about, much less an identical twin?! That is exactly what happened for Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry, Chinese-born twin sisters who were adopted by different families as babies.

The sisters, who are now 10 years old, were reunited for the first time in person on the "Good Morning America" stage, and their reactions will make you cry tears of joy. Seriously, we hope you've got a box of tissues handy. Just like the "Good Morning America" cast and crew, you're going to need them!

GMA tells the story of how these little girls were adopted when they were just 15 months old by two separate American families. However, neither of families knew that they were adopting a child who had a twin.

It wasn't until recently that Audrey's mom, Jennifer Doering, discovered that her daughter may, in fact, have a sister. Doering was doing a little digging around to find out some history for Audrey. With the help of a Chinese researcher, she found a photograph of Audrey when she was living with her foster mom. There was another child—a practically identical one—in the photo, as well.

"As soon as I had that picture, I was desperate to find out? who that other child was," Doering told the news source.

And thank goodness for social media, because it was through Facebook that the Doerings found the Rainsberry family.

Gracie's mother, Nicole Rainsberry, says the entire experience has been “surreal,” and we think it's safe to say that the twins feel the same way.

Gracie told the news outlet how she reacted when she first found out: “I was, like? started to cry a lot, and my mom kept on asking me? what my crying was for, and I was saying, 'I don't know.' I didn't know what to think."

But, when they reunited, the adorable sisters seemed overwhelmed with joy. Now that they've met, they've got a whole lot of getting to know each other and bonding to do. Audrey lives in Wisconsin and Gracie lives in Washington, so, let the cross-country visits begin!

[h/t: Good Morning America]