Watch What Happens When A McDonald’s Cashier Admits She Can’t Afford Christmas Presents For Her Daughter

Parents love to spoil their children around the holidays. Finding presents under the tree is part of the magic of the season, and kids everywhere hope Santa Claus rewards their good behavior.

However, the sad truth is that sometimes parents can't afford to splurge on their kids during the holiday season. Such was the case for a McDonald's cashier in Iowa. The mom of a 15-month-old baby girl, the fast-food worker did not have enough money to buy presents for her little one this year.

Enter KDEC FM 100.5, a local Iowa radio station that wanted to spread holiday cheer around the neighborhood. The radio spokesperson walked up to the cashier's line and made small talk about the concept of "paying it forward." The cashier shared that some people had paid for the food of the cars behind them in the drive-thru.

The conversation was light-hearted, but quickly turned emotional when the radio DJ asked the woman what she wanted to get her baby for Christmas. As she choked back tears, the cashier confessed that she didn't have money to buy anything for her child this year.

Just then, the radio station host quickly pulled out $100. She told the cashier to use the money to help make a beautiful holiday for herself and her family.

Grab a tissue, and watch the heartwarming exchange below.

However, there was one stipulation: The DJ  asked the cashier to be sure and "pay it forward," and continue the cycle of spreading good cheer. "Paying it forward" doesn't always have to involve money. It could be something as common as shoveling an elderly neighbor's walkway or as simple as giving a stranger a smile and a warm "Happy Holidays!" instead of rushing by without making eye contact. After all, it's the little things that make this world such a beautiful place.

What a touching story! We certainly hope that the McDonald's employee and her baby have a magical holiday season filled with love and warm memories.