Watch This Great-Grandma Dancing On Her 100th Birthday

Mark Twain famously said, "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

No one knows that better than Elisabeth Cockrell, the world's newest (and maybe oldest?) internet star.

Cockrell's family recently posted videos of her dancing to Bruno Mars' "24K Magic" at her 100th (yes, you read that right) birthday party, and let's just say—she's got some moves.

The videos of Cockrell dancing were filmed at grandson Daron Anderson's house in Marina Valley, California. Anderson posted one video to Facebook, which has since been watched millions of times.

Cockrell's great-granddaughter, Treasure Mitchell, also posted a video of the moment. “I know where I get my attitude and my drinking from,” she wrote on the Instagram post.

Anderson's uncle was walking Cockrell to her seat when the song came on. "She got to the door and the music started playing, she just went," Anderson told NBC News. "She's vivacious. Nobody expected my grandma to do that, I was just so thankful."

"The video makes me smile every time I watch it," Mitchell told "No one was expecting her to get up and dance but I think that song just moved her and she came walking outside and started getting down."

Cockrell was born in 1917. She raised five children and several grandchildren as a housewife. She lived through World Wars I and II, the Holocaust, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights movement and many other events that have defined the last century.

Now, she's a viral sensation—even if she doesn't know it.

"She doesn't know the technologies of today," Anderson said.

Cockrell's family is planning a reunion for July 1. We hope to see some more dance moves. Keep dancing, Elisabeth!

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