Watch This Deer’s Incredible Reaction To Being Rescued

There are few things more devastating to watch than an animal trapped and in pain. Because of that, this video is hard to watch, but I guarantee it has a happy ending.

The deer captured in this video is obviously scared as it sees a hunter approach while one of its hooves is trapped in a wire fence. As the deer tries desperately to flee without luck, the hunter can be heard expressing his own fear on the video too.

"I hope he doesn't beat the crap out of me, but I'm going to try to get him out," the hunter, who was captured on film earlier this year in Georgia, says.

That's when the hunter slowly makes a move to rescue the deer. As the hunter walks towards the flailing animal he calmly places a hand on the deer's back. This simple gesture seems to calm the animal as the man picks up the deer to set it free.

It takes the hunter several minutes to loosen the wire that's trapped the deer's leg, but he continues to hold the deer until he can wiggle the foot free—using just one hand. Watching this, I still can't imagine the strength that took!

Eventually the hunter is successful and the freed deer happily runs off.