Watch What Happens When This Deaf Baby Hears His Mom’s Voice For The First Time [Video]

There's nothing like the bond between a mother and her baby. They don't need words to communicate, but a mother's voice can be so soothing to a baby. So, when eight-month-old Xander, who has impaired hearing, heard his mom's voice for the very first time, his reaction was priceless.

Xander, who is from Georgia, was born nine weeks early and spent close to two months in the hospital after he was born. While he was in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), his brain bled for a short time, leaving him with severe hearing loss.

"[Doctors] told me he passed his hearing screen while he was in the NICU," Xander's mother told Daily Mail. "When he was discharged after 59 days in the hospital, I noticed he didn't get startled like other babies."

With that bit of information, she urged doctors to test her baby's hearing again.

"It took me three months of advocating for my son for them to test his hearing," she said. "They thought I was just being a over protective mother. I was proven right. Never underestimate a mother!"

After another test, Xander was fitted for a Phonax hearing device. Xander's hearing won't get worse, but it is also unlikely to improve without hearing aids, according to Daily Mail.

In the video below, Xander's mom is talking to him in a sweet motherly voice, and the smile on the little boy's face will melt your heart.