Watch This Dad Open A Truly Unexpected Christmas Present [Video]

Of course, this is the time of the year when families get together to celebrate the holiday season. Some families aren't able to do that as much as they would like, due to the physical distance between them.

We spotted this story that features one such family, and it's so sweet, we wanted to bring you into the loop!

Terra and her dad haven't been able to be together for Christmas in 25 years—they live on opposite sides of the country, and she hasn't spent the holiday with him since she was four years old. And, in this video, dad thinks his daughter is back home on the holiday—just like always—and this bigger-than-normal box is for a special 60th birthday/Christmas combo kind of deal. (Can you see where this is headed?)

The fellow who presents the gift is Terra's uncle. Listen closely to what he is saying, as the two-time cancer survivor has a bit of a problem with his voice due to the treatments. In any case, play close attention, and look at the reaction on dad's face. (Dad's the one in the gray sweater.)

It's priceless.