Waiter Plays Along With 3-Year-Old Girl Trying To Pay With A Fake Credit Card

It’s not uncommon for 3-year-olds to think they call the shots. And when this little girl tried to pay for her family’s dinner at Carrabba’s with a fake credit card, the waiter, 22-year-old Wendell Davenport, went along with it just to keep the little girl happy. Why not let her think she was treating her family to a meal, you know?

Not only did he take the pink credit card from the tot when she offered it up as payment, but he also made her a receipt for the payment, as is custom, of course.

The little girl’s parents appreciated how he went above and beyond to amuse their daughter, so they left an extra tip along with the toddler’s signed receipt.

Davenport recounted the story to Love What Matters:

“When I first got this family’s table, I noticed the little girl I was serving was very talkative! She actually tried to order the whole meal for the family at the age of 3,” he said. “Finally, when the meal was over, she wanted to pay for the meal with a Barbie credit card. I was like, ‘Why not play along?’”

And he had a sweet motivating factor for treating the 3-year-old with such kindness:

“I was always told to simply treat people the way you would want to be treated. So I try my best to give people the A-1 service they deserve.”

It just doesn’t get cuter than this!

Waiting tables at a restaurant can be a tough job. You’re on your feet all day and often have to deal with demanding customers, who may not always leave the best tips.

waitress photo
Getty Images | Kevork Djansezian

So, it’s understandable if waiters and waitresses get a little grumpy from time to time. That’s why it’s so heartwarming when they go above and beyond to treat customers with kindness.

Another touching example was Texas waitress Evoni Williams, who noticed an elderly customer struggling to eat his meal. Rather than turn a blind eye, she went over and cut the man’s ham for him.

Another customer saw the waitress’ good deed and took a photo. After that customer shared it on Facebook, it went viral and her kindness came back to her in a big way. Texas Southern University awarded her a $16,000 scholarship. What’s more, the city of La Marque also declared March 8 to be Evoni “Nini” Williams day, in her honor.

Don’t these stories restore your faith in humanity? Have you ever witnessed a waiter or waitress going out of their way to treat customers with kindness?

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