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Viral Life Hacks That Might Not Even Work

In this day and age, life hacks are incredibly common on social media. Whether they’re written out in an article or shown to you on TikTok, they’re easy to find. And who doesn’t love life hacks? They’re a pretty easy way to make your life just a little bit easier. However, what if those life-changing life hacks didn’t actually work? Let’s check out a few of those to see if some of these viral life hacks actually do work, or if they’re all just snake oil.

Make Mashed Potato From Potato Chips

What It Is: Mashed potatoes out of potato chips
What You Need: Boiling pot of water and potato chips
Does It Work: Yes

Potato chips aren’t the healthiest snack to eat, but that’s not exactly up for debate here. The question is whether or not they can actually be turned into mashed potatoes. Surprisingly, the answer’s yes. You can just pour a bag of chips into a pot of boiling water and let them get mushy. Then you just remove the excess water and mash the chips for the right consistency. While possible, it’s not the most highly recommended method for eating mashed potatoes. They’re overall less healthy and the boiling removes most of the flavor anyway.

Use Sprite To Revive Your Faded Flowers

What It Is: Sprite to revive flowers
What You Need: Sprite
Does It Work: No

There’s a theory that you can help revive fading flowers using Sprite, the soft drink. It’s probably not super surprising to learn that this is wrong. If anything, the sprite, itself, will probably hurt the plant. The myth comes from the sugar in Sprite. Sugar actually can help rejuvenate a plant, but it’s a lot simpler to just use plant food.

Antiseptic Can Remove Permanent Marker

What It Is: Antiseptic used to remove marker stains
What You Need: Antiseptic or hand sanitizer
Does It Work: Yes

If you have kids, you’re probably familiar with the issue of permanent marker getting stuck on tables or walls. However, as it turns out, permanent marker doesn’t have to be permanent, at least if you have an antiseptic. It can actually remove stains no problem. Rubbing alcohol or even hand sanitizer are capable of breaking down those chemicals. So, if you have a little bit too much Purell, you have something else you can use it on.

Expanding Oreo Cookie Cream

What It Is: Expanding cookies using hairdryers
What You Need: A hairdryer and a cookie
Does It Work: No

People love Oreos, and it would be great if you could expand the filling to get even more of that creamy goodness. Even better, you can use a common, household item like a hairdryer, right? Unfortunately no. All this really does is heat up the cookie. Nice if you like warmer Oreos, but not good for anything else.

Use A Tennis Ball To Unlock Car Door

What It Is: Tennis ball to open a car door
What You Need: A tennis ball
Does It Work: Yes

Have you ever tried to open your car and realized that you forgot your keys? Maybe you locked them in the car or otherwise lost them. Well, a locksmith is expensive, and breaking the window is more trouble than its worth. A certain life hack claimed that you can unlock your car using a tennis ball. And as it turns out, it actually works. Burn a hole in the tennis ball smash that side onto the lock. The suction generated from the ball should create enough pressure to open the door. Keep in mind though, this only really works with cars that still have keyholes.

Turn Graphite Into Diamonds In The Microwave

What It Is: Turning graphite into diamonds
What You Need: A microwave
Does It Work: No

Honestly, if it were that easy to make diamonds, everyone would have them. Graphite and diamond are technically both pure carbon, but that doesn’t mean putting one in the microwave will turn it into the other. It’s actually really dangerous to put graphite in a microwave and could potentially cause a fire.

Color Your Hair With Concealer

What It Is: Using concealer to color your hair
What You Need: Concealer
Does It Work: Yes

Hair dye, itself, is generally an impermanent way to change your hair color. It’s made primarily using pigment, so it would make sense if you could use some other pigment-based cosmetic to temporarily dye your hair. As such, concealer actually works pretty well when it comes to helping you color your hair. Apply to the areas you want to color and then you can add in what color you want afterwards.

Can Shaving Cream Clean Carpets?

What It Is: Shaving cream as a cleaning agent
What You Need: Shaving cream and a stained carpet
Does It Work: No

Carpets are nice and all, but if you get a stain on one it can be a nightmare to clean up. A viral video recently appeared of someone cleaning their carpet with shaving cream though. They put it on the stain, and when the shaving cream was removed the stain was gone. So, does it work? Nope! Shaving cream has no cleaning agents whatsoever. You’d be much better off using soda water.

Use Lemon To Remove Highlighter

What It Is: Lemon to remove highlighter
What You Need: Lemon
Does It Work: Yes

Have you ever been marking text in a book using highlighter and you end up marking up something by mistake? It’s a pretty common accident, for a variety of reasons. You can’t use white out to remove it, but you can use lemon. More accurately, the juice of the lemon can be rubbed over the highlighter to remove it. It doesn’t even smudge the text of the book.

Make Mascara From Oreos

What It Is: Mascara made from cookies
What You Need: Many things including cookies and primer
Does It Work: No

People seem to think that Oreos can do a lot more than they actually can. People might want to try using a mixture of Oreo cookies and other materials as a replacement for mascara in a pinch. However, Oreos do not work as a replacement for mascara or a primer. It’s not even a good idea to apply foodstuff to your face in the first place.

Use A Plastic Bottle To Curl Your Hair

What It Is: Curls with a bottle
What You Need: Plastic bottle and a hairdryer
Does It Work: Yes

People are often looking for easy way s to style or curl their hair. Well, as long as you drink water, this one’s been hiding right under your nose. Yes, you can use a water bottle to curl your hair. You’ll have to cut open the bottle, as well as have a hairdryer. Then just put a section of your hair in the bottle and turn on the hairdryer. Your hair will spin in the bottle to give you your curls.

Changing The Color Of Fanta

What It Is: Changing the color of Fanta
What You Need: Toothpaste
Does It Work: No

There’s a TikTok that says you can change the color of a bottle of Fanta to bright blue using toothpaste. A few quick shakes after closing the lid and you’ve got the change, right? Well, no. The first reaction you’ll notice after adding toothpaste to a bottle is that the Fanta will overflow like you shook the bottle before you opened it. And by the end of it all, the bottle’s still orange. Even if it did work, what’s the point. Your Fanta’s a different color and now it has the taste of toothpaste in it.

Bug Spray Cleaning Your Headlights

What It Is: Using bug spray to clean grime off headlights
What You Need: Big spray and dirty headlights
Does It Work: Yes

Headlights can absorb a lot of dirt over time, causing them to become less bright and effective overall. While you can use window cleaner to get rid of the surface dirt, the plastic can become permanently discolored overtime. Or, at least it seems as though the discoloration can be permanent. To clean it off, all you need is bug spray. It can remove the deeply ingrained dirt, but it’s also important to mention that it can also eat away at the plastic over time. Spray it on a towel first then use that for the cleaning to limit the amount of bug spray used.

Coffee Foam Art Stencils

What It Is: Coffee foam art using a stencil
What You Need: Frothy coffee and a stencil
Does It Work: No

There’s a certain method to making foam art in cup of coffee. Non-baristas try to figure out how to make it work, but it’s just too hard to do. It would make sense that a simple stencil is all you need to change the froth, but it’s just not that easy. Instead of a shape, you’ll just end up with a pile of powder.

Open A Coke With A Stick

What It Is: Open a can of coke with a stick
What You Need: A stick such as a chopstick
Does It Work: Yes

Some people have trouble opening soda cans, for one reason or another. Or maybe you just broke off the tab. But don’t worry, you can just use a stick instead. Pushing the stick against the can generates friction that’ll cause the metal to expand and buckle. The pressure inside the can is higher than in the atmosphere anyway.

Fix Broken Phone Screen With Toothpaste

What It Is: Toothpaste to fix a phone screen
What You Need: Toothpaste
Does It Work: No

This one just doesn’t make sense. Where would the idea that simple toothpaste can bind the cracks on a phone screen back together? Regardless, this life hack doesn’t work. Your screen will still be broken and now it will be sticky with toothpaste.

Ketchup Cleans Metal

What It Is: Ketchup to clean metal
What You Need: Ketchup
Does It Work: Yes

Ketchup actually can be used to clean metals like copper and silver. You can poor the ketchup directly onto the metal or onto a cloth first. Then just let it sit for a few minutes and clean it off. The high acidity of the ketchup simply breaks down the carbon that built up on the metals, which is what causes them to change color and appear dirty in the first place.

Make Slime With Glue And Fanta

What It Is: Fanta and glue to make slime
What You Need: Fanta and crafts glue
Does It Work: No

Slime is a popular mess, known for being practically impossible to clean. There are a few recipes to make it, but not all of them work. One such mixture is taking Fanta and mixing it with glue. However, no matter the ratio, this one just doesn’t work. It’d be much simpler to just go out and buy your own.

Use Soda And Vinegar To Unclog Sink

What It Is: Soda and vinegar to unclog a sink
What You Need: Vinegar and soda
Does It Work: Yes

When your sink starts to back up and the water won’t drain properly, that can get annoying and a little gross. It’s a common issue, and most of the time it doesn’t disappear on its own. There are some products that unblock the drain for you, but they have rather noxious chemicals inside. However, you might have some household supplies that can get the job done much simpler. Vinegar and soda actually can unclog the sink no problem. Mix them in a plastic bottle and then shake lightly so that there’s a surge of bubbles. Then pour the mix directly down the blocked sink. Your pipes will clear up in no time.

Charge Your Phone With An Apple

What It Is: Use an apple as a charger
What You Need: An apple
Does It Work: No

Of course you can’t charge a phone using an apple! It’s not a potato! Jokes aside, this rumor seems to have arisen from the name of the company Apple. The company itself never tried to push this idea and it ended up being a miscommunication on the part of consumers.

Make An Airy Omelette With A Colander

What It Is: Airy omelet with a colander
What You Need: Colander
Does It Work: Yes

Omelettes are truly simple to make, yet incredibly difficult to get just right. The timing needs to be perfect, and this way can actually get you a nice, airy omelette every time. After beating the eggs into the proper mixture and heating the pan, pour the mixture through a colander. It’ll distribute the eggs evenly and lightly, creating the airy omelette you desire.

Use Tomato And Toothpaste To Remove Dark Circles

What It Is: Tomato and toothpaste to remove dark circles
What You Need: The inside of a tomato and some toothpaste
Does It Work: No

According to one theory, you can use the inside of a tomato, mix it with some toothpaste, and apply it under your eye to remove dark circle. Yeah, this one doesn’t work, and it’s also a little dangerous. You don’t want to get toothpaste in your eye, as it’ll really burn them.

Use Shoelaces To Escape From Zip Tie

What It Is: Escape from a zip tie using shoe laces
What You Need: Laces
Does It Work: Yes

Hopefully, you never need to use this trick, cause it does work. It can be a little difficult to do at first, but you need to untie your shoelace and maneuver one of the laces through the center of the zip tie. You then tie a strong knot from the opposite end of the zip tie with your other lace. Now, sit back and use as much force as you can muster to rub the laces back and forth until the zip tie opens.

Use Avocado To Dye Clothing

What It Is: Dying clothes pink using avocado
What You Need: Avocado
Does It Work: No

People have said that you can take the pits and skins of avocados, boil them, and then gently die white fabric pink with the new mixture. You can get a variety of shades depending on how much baking soda you add and whether or not you remove the exterior of the pit, but you won’t be getting a natural pink color. After all, avocados aren’t exactly known for their pink colorization. It’d make much more sense to use roses or lavender.

A Lit Candle In A Glass Will Burn In Water

What It Is: Candle lit in a can of water
What You Need: Candle and a can
Does It Work: No

There are some fires in the world that actually can burn while underwater. You cannot produce that type of fire with a candle though. This one is just an optical illusion, with the candle sitting behind the glass. So, if you were skeptical of this particular hack, you were right in doing so.