9-Year-Old Hero Saves His Younger Brother From This Scary Fall [Video]

To say that a mom of five has a lot on her plate is an understatement.

Between changing diapers, answering questions about homework and making sure each child is content for the time being, it's exhausting to try and keep up. Thankfully, this mom had her 9-year-old to help when she needed it most.

Tila Levi recently shared a video that was caught on her baby monitor camera that shows her 9-year-old son truly saving the day. Levi was in the middle of changing her 11-month-old son's diaper when she turned her back for a moment, which turned out to be long enough for her son to roll off the changing table. She was unaware that the baby was falling, but thankfully, his brother, Joseph, happened to be walking by the room and ran in to catch his baby brother.

At first, Levi was shy to post the video, she told ABC News, but in light of the election, she decided to show it online to send a message.

She wanted to remind parents that they should be “grateful” for the time they have with their children and not get so caught up in the negative aspects of daily life.

"We all experience miracles every day," she said.

And this was certainly this family's miracle, especially since Joseph said that he usually can't even lift his 30-pound brother. So, how did he muster the strength to practically save his life? Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do!

Levi knows she's not the only parent who goes through things like this, and that's part of the reason why she wanted to share the video.

“My message is to parents: Enjoy your kids," Levi told ABC News. "Protect them as much as you can. At the end of the day, in a second, everything can change."