Two Young Brothers Are Changing The World One Bag Lunch At A Time

Last year, a homeless man approached 9-year-old Kyllon, his 10-year-old brother, Derrell, and their mother, Kristy Lewis-Martin, to ask them for money. Lewis-Martin didn't have any cash on her, but Kyllon did have a taco. Derrell handed it to the man, which caused him to dance for joy. Little did they know that this special moment would prompt the feeding of hundreds of homeless.

The brothers began to notice the growing homeless population in their hometown of New Orleans, and they decided they wanted to do something to help them. They brainstormed and ultimately decided to pack bag lunches for those in need. This would allow them not only to give out food—but also to write inspiring messages of faith and encouragement on each paper bag.

Kyllon was prompted to name their organization "The Helping Lunchbox," and they've already delivered several hundred "lunchboxes" with plans to do more. A local nonprofit, B.O.S.S Youth Outreach Program, got word of their dedication and committed to offering their support.

Lewis-Martin, says they delivered food to the homeless during the holidays last year. She expected it to end there, but her boys wanted to keep going.

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“It makes me feel awesome that I'm helping people,” Derrell told Inside Edition, “We're making a change for once.”

Their story is great testament to the joy of caring for those in need, and the difference that one small choice can make.