Two Strangers Stop To Rescue Women From A Sinking Car

Two women are lucky to be alive after two strangers helped them escape their car as it sank into a Florida lake recently.

The two women were approaching a stop sign on an otherwise quiet street when the driver accidentally pushed the accelerator rather than the brake. This sent the car straight across the street through some grass and directly into a lake.

Thankfully two men, Chris Ursum and Adolfo Izeta, were towing a truck down the road at the same time. The men immediately stopped to help. Jumping into the lake, they swam over to the rapidly sinking car. They encouraged the women to roll down the windows and assisted them out of their seat belts.

At this point the men were met with some resistance. The terrified women did not know how to swim and were concerned about leaving their belongings behind in the vehicle. The rescuers were first able to convince the driver to exit the vehicle assisting her in climbing out the window.  Ursum then swam her back to shore while Izeta stayed with the passenger.

Izeta was already exhausted by the time he persuaded the passenger out of the car. By now several other Good Samaritans had taken notice and joined the rescue effort. A teenager, 15-year-old Alan Ives, was among them. As the men helped the passenger get back to shore Ives supported Izetas efforts to get back to shore.

The car had already been submerged under the water by the time police arrived. Thanks to the rapid response of these two heroes the women were not only safe but did not have to make a trip to the hospital. There is no telling what would have happened to them had the men not been there at just the right time.

The driver told WPTV that she believes it's a miracle Ursum and Izeta were able to save her.

Watch the video of their rescue on WPTV.