This Son Took Matters Into His Own Hands After His Mom’s Craft Fair Fail

Everything turned around after this man posted about his mom's craft fair woes on Twitter.

Things weren’t going so well for one mom who had set up a booth at a craft fair. She texted her son, Martyn Hett, to say that no one had bought any of her knitted items. So, he did what any good son would do. He posted about her booth to Twitter, naturally.

It didn’t take long before his Tweet starting getting some responses. Huffington Post points out that it was one of his friends who made the first purchase. That turned into three purchases. Soon, she had nine purchases.

Hett’s mom, Figen, makes the most adorable, imperfectly knitted hearts, teddy bears and more. She sells them on a Depop page, so if you’re inclined to make a purchase, you know exactly where to go! (Depop is an online shopping platform somewhat similar to Etsy.)

But, good luck finding her things in stock because her son’s little Twitter post has turned her knitting hobby into quite the lucrative business.

More and more items started to sell out shortly after the Twitter post. So much so that she had to restock her supplies. Neither Hett nor his mom could have seen this coming!

“I’ve found the whole thing rather hilarious,” Hett told BuzzFeed. “I popped over at the weekend to have lunch with her, and she’d restocked her materials.”

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Figen’s also gotten a healthy dose of confidence after receiving all of this love via Twitter. It’s nice to know that your work is appreciated.

“She’s had loads of messages from people just telling her how nice her stuff is, which was nice for her because I think the craft fair had knocked her confidence a bit,” Hett said.

According to BuzzFeed, now that she’s started to get noticed and sell so many items, she’s decided to donate the proceeds to a local charity, Beacon Counseling.

So, is this woman worthy of all of the Twitter fame or what? Just keep knitting, Figen! Just keep knitting.

[h/t: Huffington Post]