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TV Show Cancellations And Renewals


Status: Renewed
Seasons: 1
Est. Production Cost: $90 to 100 million per season

That’s right everyone. The popular series based on League of Legends has finally been confirmed for a second season. The previous season had a six year production cycle, so it’s likely it won’t be out for some time. But it’s certain to be well worth the wait.

Celebrity tidbits...

  • Madonna got a job at a Dunkin' Donuts shortly after moving to New York, but was fired after one week for breaking the jelly machine.
  • Taylor Swift owns a framed picture of Kanye West interrupting her at the 2009 MTV Music Awards. It's captioned "Life is full of interruptions".
  • Eva Mendes wanted to be a nun when she was younger, but changed her mind after finding out that they don't make any money.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis is Jake Gyllenhall's godmother and Jake is the godfather of Heath Ledger's daughter.
  • Dennis Rodman has 28 siblings.
  • Katy Perry wasn't allowed to eat Lucky Charms because her parents said that "luck was linked to the devil".
  • When Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling were on the Mickey Mouse Club, Justin's mother was Ryan's legal guardian.
  • Kate Bosworth has heterochromia. One of her eyes is blue and the other one is hazel.
  • Jon Bon Jovi's birth name was John Bongiovi Jr.
  • Scarlett Johnasson has a twin brother named Hunter.