All The TV Shows Ending In 2019

If all good things must come to an end, that means saying goodbye to our favorite TV shows. If we’re lucky, they’ll be with us for the long haul (we’re looking at you, “Grey’s Anatomy”) while others don’t make it beyond two or three seasons before getting the chop.

In the interest of being prepared for an emotional farewell, here’s a rundown of all the TV shows ending in 2019. Is your favorite on the list?

‘How To Get Away With Murder’

The sixth season of Peter Nowalk’s “How to Get Away With Murder” (executive produced by Shonda Rhimes), starring Viola Davis as the law professor and criminal defense attorney Annalise Keating, will be its last, with creator Pete Nowalk saying in a statement, “Deciding to end this series was a brutal decision, but ultimately the story tells you what to do — as it did here.” Nowalk also revealed that Keating’s journey “has always had a clear ending.”

“How to Get Away With Murder” season 6 premieres on ABC on Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019. Seasons 1-4 are available on Netflix.

‘Criminal Minds’

“Criminal Minds,” one of the most popular CBS series, is also coming to an end in 2019.  The news broke via the show’s official Twitter account, telling fans of the FBI crime drama to “get ready for a momentous ride” because season 15  would be an “epic final season.” Showrunner Erica Messer told TVLine that the decision was “really bittersweet” but added that she was “so, so grateful” to the network for giving them a heads-up.

The final season of “Criminal Minds” airs during the 2019-20 TV season.

‘The Good Place’

“The Good Place” creator Mike Schur revealed at the show’s Emmy For Your Consideration panel in June that the upcoming fourth season would be the last, and that the writers’ plan was always to tell the story over four seasons.

“At times over the past few years we’ve been tempted to go beyond four seasons,” admitted Schur. “But mostly because making this show is a rare, creatively fulfilling joy, and at the end of the day, we don’t want to tread water just because the water is so warm and pleasant.”

Season 4 of “The Good Place” premieres on NBC in September 2019.


Ratings have been slipping for Fox’s musical drama series “Empire” for years, so it’s perhaps no surprise that the upcoming sixth season will be the last.

“We’re turning the final season of Empire into a large television event,” Fox CEO Charlie Collier told reporters. “We are going out guns-a-blazing. Six years is a pretty remarkable run for a drama series.”

The door has been left open for the return of actor Jussie Smollett, who was suspended from the show following his arrest for disorderly conduct and filing a false police report — at this stage nobody from the show has confirmed whether he’ll reappear as  Jamal Lyon one last time.

“Empire” season 6 premieres in fall 2019.


The CW’s “Arrow” will wrap up after its eighth season, but fans shouldn’t expect a tidy ending.

“There will be some questions still left,” David Ramsey, who plays John Diggle, told CinemaBlend. “And that’s great, because there’s always room for spinoffs.”

Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow), also suggested that the door may not be completely closed for his character.

“I’m not gonna put myself in a position where I say that I’m never gonna come back,” he said. “Because I admire Grant [Gustin] and Melissa [Benoist] a lot, and I’ve become very close with them. Four years from now, if they call me up and they’re like, ‘Hey, we need something.’ What am I gonna say? ‘Nah!’ So, I want to keep that window open, but I’m also a very very big fan of definitive goodbyes.”

The final season of “Arrow” premieres Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019 on The CW.

‘Silicon Valley’

After months of speculation, HBO confirmed that the upcoming sixth season of its hit comedy series “Silicon Valley” will be the last. The abbreviated seven-episode season will be a “fitting conclusion,” said showrunners Mike Judge and Alec Berg according to Deadline.

Amy Gravitt, EVP, HBO Programming, praised Judge and Berg’s “meticulous storytelling” and said the show was “just the beginning of many more collaborations with these hilarious writers and performers, as well as our standout crew.”

The sixth and final season of “Silicon Valley” premieres on HBO in October 2019.

‘The Affair’

Showtime’s Golden Globe-winning drama “The Affair” is back for one final season, with guest stars Anna Paquin, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Lyric Bent joining regular cast members Dominic West (Noah Solloway), Maura Tierney (Helen Solloway) and Sanaa Lathan (Janelle Wilson.) However, it’s bad news for fans of Joshua Jackson, who won’t be returning as Cole Lockhart in the final season. Paquin is central to the action in the final season; she plays Alison and Cole’s grown-up daughter, Joanie, who’s on a mission to find out exactly what happened to her mother.

The fifth season of “The Affair” premieres Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019.


Another Showtime drama set to bow out in the 2019-2020 season is “Homeland,” the show that earned Damian Lewis and Claire Danes Golden Globes and Primetime Emmy Awards for their performances as Marine Sergeant/prisoner-of-war Nicholas Brody and CIA agent Carrie Mathison.

Brody is long gone, but Mathison is back, recovering from months of confinement in a Russian gulag, along with Mandy Patinkin as her mentor Saul Berenson. Showtime’s entertainment president Gary Levine told reporters at the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour that the final season would be “a breathless, surprising and moving ride to its conclusion.”

The final season of “Homeland” premieres in fall 2019.


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“Power,” Starz’s highest-rated and most-watched show (it drew an average of 10 million viewers per episode) is coming to an end. But there’s good news for fans of the crime drama series — “Power Book 2: Ghost,” the “first of several” prequel series has been confirmed, and it stars Mary J. Blige, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.

“This is probably the most exciting thing that’s going to happen to me this year,” Blige said recently at the TCA summer press tour. “I’ve been a fan of ‘Power’ since the very beginning.”

The sixth and final season of “Power” (“The Final Betrayal”) premieres Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019.

‘Fuller House’

It’s been confirmed that “Fuller House” is ending later this year, but one person who just can’t come to terms with it is Candace Cameron Bure, who plays D.J. Tanner in the hit Netflix sitcom. “I’m just going to pretend like it’s not ending,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t want to think about it.”

Meanwhile, Bure’s co-star (and the show’s executive producer) John Stamos hinted that it might not be the last we see of the Tanner family. “I’m also thinking about what happened before ‘Full House,'” he told Entertainment Tonight. “There’s too much happiness that that show has brought for a lot of people, right? So it’s not going to go down easy. I’m not gonna let it.”

The fifth and final season of “Fuller House” premieres in late 2019.


“Lucifer” was canceled by Fox in 2018, but Netflix came to its rescue, dropping all 10 episodes of season four in May 2019. With the future of the police procedural drama looking uncertain, devoted Lucifers started a petition to secure a fifth season — and their efforts paid off. Netflix gave another season the green light, but it will definitely be the last.

Breaking the news on Twitter via “a message of love for our #Lucifans,” executive producer Ildy Modrovich urged fans not to lobby for a sixth season, writing, “While we feel just as sad as many of you do that, this marvelous ride is coming to an end, a fight won’t change things right now.”

“Lucifer” season 5 premieres on Netflix in late 2019/early 2020. Seasons 1-3 are available on Amazon Prime, and season 4 is available on Netflix.

‘The Man In The High Castle’

The fourth season of the Amazon Prime Video dystopian drama “The Man in the High Castle” will be the last. “The final season… will be rocked by war and revolution,” says the show’s official logline. And if you can’t wait until November, the first scene of the final season has already been released, showing Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos) being transported into another dimension.

“The Man in the High Castle” season 4 premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, Nov. 15, 2019.


Amazon Prime Video’s revolutionary comedy-drama “Transparent” returns in September 2019 for one final swansong — literally. Instead of a regular series, the show will end with a two-hour-long musical finale — described as a “dazzling movie fantasia inspired by the classic musicals that shaped a culture.”

It won’t include Jeffrey Tambor as Maura — the lead character was killed off following sexual assault allegations against Tambor, which he denies — but it will feature Judith Light as Shelly and the rest of the Pfeffermans, using the power of song to come to terms with their loss.

The “Musicale Finale” of “Transparent” debuts Sept. 27, 2019 on Amazon Prime Video.


Filming has officially wrapped on season 5 of “Poldark,” the first trailer for the season has been released, and Masterpiece has confirmed that it will be the last. Eleanor Tomlinson, who played Demelza on the show, shared a heartfelt goodbye to the series on Instagram, writing, “Goodbye Poldark. Thank you to the incredible cast and crew that have made this series over the last 5 years. What a family we are.”

The fifth season of “Poldark” premieres on Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019 on Masterpiece PBS.

‘Mr. Robot’

Fans of “Mr. Robot” have already had to wait two years for the fourth season of the Emmy-nominated drama thriller starring Rami Malek as a hacker with clinical depression, but the countdown is on.

“Later this year, we’ll premiere the final season of ‘Mr. Robot,'” creator Sam Esmail said at a Tribeca Film Festival panel. “This season is something I’m truly proud of and cannot wait to share with fans. … The final season will be one filled with answers, hacking and blood.”

The final season of “Mr. Robot” premieres on USA in late 2019.

‘Jessica Jones’

The third and final season of  “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” became available on Netflix in May 2019, marking the end of Netflix’s Marvel TV Universe (other Marvel productions previously canceled include “Luke Cage” and “Daredevil”).

Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg told The Hollywood Reporter that she’s proud of the show, and satisfied that three seasons of the show are “like a really complete journey.” “We’ve really had the opportunity to just take [the characters] to a place that was satisfying,” she added. “It’s been a really exciting ride, both for the characters and for me.”

“Marvel’s Jessica Jones” season 3 is available on Netflix.

‘Designated Survivor’

ABC canceled “Designated Survivor” after two seasons in May 2018, but the political thriller was rescued by Netflix and all 10 episodes of the third season became available on the streaming service in June 2019.

However the show was then canceled by Netflix, shutting down all hopes for a fourth season. If you want to know what happens to President Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland), you’ll have to use your imagination — or pray for another revival.

Seasons 1-3 of “Designated Survivor” are available on Netflix.


After three seasons on HBO, “Divorce” (created and executive produced by Sharon Horgan of “Catastrophe” fame) has come to an end. For executive producer Sarah Jessica Parker, who stars as one half of the divorcing couple Frances and Robert Dufresne, the end of the show marks a “genuine fresh start.”

“For both Frances and Robert, it appears as if they’re on a path that feels more in their control,” she said, according to Deadline.

The first episode of “Divorce” season 3 aired on HBO on July 1, 2019.

‘Modern Family’

The Emmy Award-winning comedy “Modern Family,” which has been a primetime anchor for ABC since it started in 2009, is coming to an end after 11 seasons — and fans can expect big things.

“Chris [Lloyd] and Steve [Levitan] have created one of the most seminal and iconic comedies in television history,” Karey Burke, president of ABC Entertainment told press back in February. “In its final season, there will be more milestone events that anyone who has been a fan of the series won’t want to miss.”

The final season of “Modern Family” is expected to air in late 2019.

‘The Ranch’

The next season of the Netflix comedy “The Ranch,” featuring Ashton Kutcher as pro footballer turned rancher Colt Bennett, will be the final one. Kutcher tweeted that the show “is coming to an end, but not just yet.” He revealed that the first 10 episodes of the fourth season will stream on Netflix in 2019, and the final 10 in 2020.

The fourth and final season of “The Ranch” premieres on Netflix in late 2019.

‘Sneaky Pete’

Con-man drama “Sneaky Pete,” starring Giovanni Ribisi as the titular criminal, was given the axe by Amazon after three seasons on Amazon Prime Video. This is despite widespread critical acclaim and a place as one of the streaming service’s top performers.

The third and final season of “Sneaky Pete” premiered on Amazon Prime Video on May 10, 2019. Seasons 1 and 2 are also available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

‘Madam Secretary’

The sixth season of the CBS political drama “Madam Secretary,” starring Téa Leoni as Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord, will be the last. According to TVLine, network president Kelly Kahl said the final 10 episodes “will tie up the storyline.”

“We liked to be able to do this, to send the show off with a great deal of respect and celebration,” Kahl added. Following McCord’s announcement of her presidential run in the season 5 finale, the upcoming episodes are expected to focus on her election experience.

“Madam Secretary” season 6 premieres on Oct. 6, 2019.


Veteran NBC series “Blindspot” was renewed for a fifth season earlier this year, but it will be the last — a decision largely attributed to falling ratings. The final season is expected to be abbreviated (13 episodes or less), but details have still to be confirmed.

The series creator Martin Gero thanked viewers on Instagram, writing, “In 2014 I sketched out a five season plan for the show. I am beyond grateful that we will be able to properly finish telling this giant, sprawling story.”

Season 5 of “Blindspot” is expected to premiere in late 2019.

‘Orange Is The New Black’

As one of Netflix’s first original series and a beloved show for its seven seasons, fans will find it hard to say goodbye to their favorite inmates on “Orange Is The New Black,” which released its final season on July 26.

The show’s creator penned a send-off writing, “After seven seasons, it’s time to be released from prison,” Jenji Cohan said in a statement. “I will miss all the badass ladies of Litchfield and the incredible crew we’ve worked with. My heart is orange but… fade to black.”


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The third and final season of the single-camera ABC sitcom “Speechless” ended earlier this year. Star Minnie Driver, who played mom-of-three Maya, shared her sadness at the show’s cancellation, writing on Twitter, “I truly believe we have left this conversation about family, disability and love in a better place than we found it.” Meanwhile, ABC boss Karey Burke said “there was a lot of anguish” leading up to the decision to cancel the show.

The finale of “Speechless” aired on ABC on April 12, 2019.

‘You Me Her’

Polyamorous rom-com “You Me Her” will end after five seasons. The AT&T’s Audience Network original series, created by John Scott Shepherd, stars Greg Poehler, Rachel Blanchard and Priscilla Faia as an unconventional threesome.

The premiere date for season 5 of “You Me Her” is yet to be confirmed.