TV Couples With The Best Chemistry

Over the years, TV shows have introduced us to many incredible characters. And with them have come some of the greatest love stories of all time. There are the couples viewers have rooted for fervently, and others who have made us shake our heads or squeal with delight when the long-awaited sparks finally flew.

No matter how long they lasted, these are the couples with the most undeniable on-screen chemistry. They are icons who defined decades with fictional love stories we simply could not get enough of.

Ross And Rachel

They were on again and off again throughout all 10 seasons of “Friends” and kept us all asking “will they or won’t they?” until the very end. Ultimately, they were each other’s lobsters. They were the defining ’90s sitcom couple and are still going strong thanks to Netflix.

Monica And Chandler

These two “Friends” soon discovered they had the potential to be so much more. Starting with a solid friendship foundation, their secret love affair blossomed into a lasting relationship. Fans and their core group were right by their side for all the big milestones.

Derek And Meredith

Their chemistry was undeniable in spite of a less than ideal start in the very first episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” McDreamy and Meredith’s relationship grew in Seattle Grace hospital, where they made even the most unromantic settings sizzle. They defied the odds, married and had children before Derek’s untimely death.

Rory And Jess

Whether you wanted Rory to end up with Dean, Logan or Jess on “Gilmore Girls,” you couldn’t deny the raw chemistry between Rory and Jess. When Jess came to town, Rory simply couldn’t resist his bad boy charm. They seemed meant to be, but they couldn’t make their young love last.

Olivia And Fitz

Whenever Olivia and Fitz were in the same room, sparks flew. Their connection was so strong, they were both willing to risk everything for fleeting moments together. Their illicit affair captivated “Scandal” fans for years.

Rebecca And Jack

Fans have only known Rebecca and Jack for a short time on “This is Us,” but it feels like we’ve known them our whole lives. Their sweet, tragic love story is a key reason fans are so invested in the show. Milo Ventimiglia is quite the on-screen charmer, it seems, as he made this list for two separate TV relationships.

Beth And Randall

“This is Us” introduced us to yet another steamy on-screen duo. Beth and Randall’s appeal comes from their enduring love and ultra-strong bond. They have built an enviably close-knit family and still keep the spark alive after years together.

Jim And Pam

It took three whole seasons of “The Office” before this flirtatious twosome finally got together. Fans and Jim alike never gave up hope on the brewing office romance. Their relatable relationship was filled with natural chemistry and adorable inside jokes. Their happily ever after, complete with marriage and children, was definitely worth waiting for.

Seth And Summer

Teen love is fraught with drama and never short on chemistry. On “The O.C.,” the geeky Seth and the popular Summer managed to make a roller-coaster romance work across high school cliques. They proved that opposites do attract. While they were together, they were inseparable.

Carrie And Mr. Big

Like most of the relationships on “Sex and the City,” theirs was big on chemistry. Throughout the series, Carrie found Big irresistible and, though she tried to fight it, she was constantly drawn to him. However, it wasn’t until the movies that they found their groove as a couple with staying power.

Joey And Pacey

This surprising “Dawson’s Creek” couple proved that there’s a fine line separating love and hate. After many steamy scenes together throughout the show’s run, they ended up together in the finale. Pacey even took Joey on a summer-long sail on a boat called True Love in order to up the romance.

Nick And Jess

The “New Girl” simply wouldn’t be the same without Nick and Jess as a couple. Like many of the best duos, these two took their time coming together before their “rah-row” moment. They started as roommates and developed feelings for each other. Once they were able to admit it to themselves, they were a perfect fit.

Cory And Topanga

This couple showed us that young love can last a lifetime. Cory and Topanga grew up together and their friendship blossomed into love as teens. The best part was that viewers got to watch their sweet relationship grow throughout “Boy Meets World” and continue on in “Girl Meets World,” where we saw their parenting skills in action.

Aria And Ezra

Aria and Ezra hit it off instantly and only later realized their connection was much more complicated than their meet-cute would seem. Their illicit relationship is one of the enduring romances in “Pretty Little Liars.” Nothing could keep Ezria apart, and they wed in the end.

Lorelai And Luke

Their friendship gradually (it took five whole seasons of “Gilmore Girls”) evolved into love and romance. After all those years of witty banter and countless cups of coffee, Lorelai and Luke knew each other better than they knew themselves. Their compatibility and chemistry were unequaled.

Chuck And Blair

Through all the scheming and “Gossip Girl” drama, this surprising couple brought out the best in each other. Their romance was passionate and intense as the Queen B discovered her darker side while taming the brooding bad boy. In the end, they finally said “the three words, eight letters” and I do.

Paul And Jamie

The relationship between these “Mad About You” newlyweds was nearly perfect. Their marriage anchored the ’90s sitcom and brought consistent laughs as they navigated the trials of life as a couple. No matter what they were doing, their strong chemistry was undeniable, and it earned them more than a handful of Emmys.

Fran And Maxwell

There was always a romantic connection between wealthy widower Maxwell and “The Nanny,” though neither was quick to admit it. As the tension hilariously built through five seasons, their feelings also grew. In the end, the unlikely pair wed and had two children.

Ricky And Lucy

Married in real life, Ricky and Lucy lit up the small screen with their wacky relationship on “I Love Lucy.” They were charming and their chemistry required no ‘splaining. Though their real-life love story was much more turbulent, they entertained millions of viewers on-screen.

Zack And Kelly

On “Saved By the Bell,” Zack and Kelly gave us an inside perspective into the classic high school jock and cheerleader romance. They took a few breaks as friends, but their love endured beyond graduation. Unlike most high school flings, they eventually married.

Marshall And Lily

As Ted recounts his missteps in love and relationships, Marshall and Lily serve as the romantic ideal in “How I Met Your Mother.” They got their start as college sweethearts and overcame many real-life obstacles and time apart. They grew up but never lost the love or chemistry that brought them together in the first place.

Eric And Tami

No amount of drama, on or off the field, could come between this steadfast couple on “Friday Night Lights.” They supported each other through all the ups and downs life threw at them. They were downright adorable, and it’s clear why their marriage worked.

Luke And Laura

Daytime TV brings plenty of steamy relationships, but this duo may be the ultimate soap opera super couple. This “General Hospital” couple overcame serious obstacles to make it to their wedding day. As a result, their wedding episode brought record-breaking ratings.

Sam And Diane

This duo is another example of how TV plot lines bring opposites together. Proper Diane and ladies’ man Sam shared an intense relationship fraught with affairs and break-ups. Shelley Long, who played Diane, left midway through the series, so we’ll never really know what might have been.

Sydney And Vaughn

This “Alias” couple’s love story endured much more than your average obstacles. Their love and chemistry were strong enough to see them through sabotage attempts, kidnapping, fake identities and more. As two of the hottest spies, they were meant to be and nothing could break them apart or dampen their passion.

Doug And Carol

Their compelling “ER” romance almost didn’t happen. Doug’s womanizing ways and a host of other issues jeopardized their tumultuous relationship, but he kept coming back to Carol. Their chemistry was off the charts, and he finally won her over for the long haul.

Jesse And Becky

The hunkiest uncle on TV was a motorcycle-riding ladies’ man until he settled down with Becky. Their romance brought plenty of “have mercy” moments on “Full House” and the recent Netflix reboot “Fuller House.” Three adorable children later and their relationship is as spicy as ever.

Mr. Bates And Anna

There was plenty of romance to go around upstairs and downstairs in “Downton Abbey,” and Mr. Bates and Anna’s persevering love is certainly one of the standouts of the series. Their relationship began on the firm foundation of friendship and grew into love. Stronger together, they managed to overcome overwhelming hardships (like an estranged wife and prison time) that would cripple an average couple.

Mike And Carol

The Brady Bunch” formed after the lovely lady, Carol, met the man named Brady. As the theme song says, “they knew that it was much more than a hunch.” Their solid relationship kept their blended family functioning and viewers entertained.

Will And Emma

Throughout “Glee,” Mr. Schuester dated (and married) some completely crazy characters. However, he ultimately found perfect harmony with fellow teacher Emma, who had harbored a longtime crush on him. After overcoming more than their fair share of mishaps, they got married and had a baby.