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Times People Were Caught Lying

It’s a shame to admit it, but it happens all the time. People lie. Sometimes to make themselves look better or to make someone else look worse. And sometimes just because they want attention. But, on occasion, those liars get caught, leaving the rest of us to look on as they are publicly shamed. Here are some of those instances where liars were caught in the act.

Exposing A “Vegan”

There seems to be a large number of vegans that lord their ethical superiority over others. Pursuing a plant-based diet may be better for the environment and animals, but there are also some vegan foods that prove harmful to the environment, like palm oil. Even so, you’ll still end up with people like this new vegan posting about their recent change. Although, this person also got caught in the act. As it turns out, they’re not even a true vegan, as a friend of there’s pointed out what their meal choice was at a recent trip to Chipotle.

Rita’s Big Tweet

Rita Ora may be famous, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get caught lying. In 2014 she tweeted out that if a post of hers received 100,000 retweets, she would release her new song. Despite having over six million followers, the tweet flopped, not even gettin 1,500 retreats. The next day she tried to save face by claiming her account had been hacked and someone was threatening to release her music. That could be true, but it doesn’t seem like it.

A Bed Bug Infestation

At first glance, this tweet is adorable. You might give a soft smile or an “awe” for looking at this mother falling asleep with her son. But then you might start asking who took the photo. Well, one person that responded to this tweet had a pretty interesting theory.

Give A Man A Fish

Not just Twitter, but all of social media appears to have people trying to be philosophical and trying to take the moral high ground. One person on Twitter attempted to use “Give a man a fish” parable. The mistake they made that led to them getting called out though was saying that they learned it in the Bible. The parable’s origins are actually unknown, but it’s certainly not in the Bible.

“I Hate America”

In this era of the internet, people head to social media to further their own political agenda and spread their ideals. This one Twitter user took a jab at American colleges, saying that they were “infested with communists”. And then, to support their claim, they claimed that a lecturer began their speech with “I hate America” at their son’s graduation. To keep them in check, a member of the staff at the university spoke up and set the record straight.

Fake World Record

This Sudanese model is Nayakin Gatwech. And according to this Twitter user, she was in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s darkest skin tone. However, Guinness, themselves soon set the record straight about how they don’t keep track of any records based on skin tone or race. The Twitter user was right about one thing though, she is beautiful.

A Quick Fact-Check

It’s hard to tell if this woman was lying or flat out wrong. In her clearly politically motivated post, she claimed that the US was the first country to outlaw slavery. However, a quick search and fact-check can show that the US doesn’t even crack the top ten on that list, something the person below was more than willing to point out.

Les Dennis

Famous people seem to have to deal with a lot of lies and rumors. It’s one thing when people exaggerate the truth to make things seem worse than they were. It’s another to straight up fabricate an event. One Twitter troll tried to say that Les Dennis was rude to them at an event. However, the actor and comedian caught them in the act and clapped back with the truth.

A Disrespectful Lunch

To check a restaurant’s reputation, you can check the reviews, but don’t listen to every one that you hear. You’ll probably notice that there’s an outlier saying something different from everyone else. Such as this one-star review that claimed they weren’t given any respect while trying to get lunch at this particular establishment. Of course, the owner set the record straight by pointing out that they weren’t respecting the location’s COVID-19 protective measures by wearing a mask.

Typical Tabloids

British Olympic rower James Cracknell ended up calling out the newspaper The Daily Mail for a few lies they spread. An image they posted was heavily edited to show Cracknell sitting right next to his parents in his backyard during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the unedited photo shows something much different. That being that Cracknell was barely in the photo with his father at all.

“The Beauty Of Ireland”

Ireland is well-known for its beautiful scenery, culture, and rich history. And every Saint Patrick’s Day the internet is awash with memes and posts that spread Irish stereotypes. In this case, there’s the notion that everyone in Ireland has red hair. One person decided to post a picture of a group of red-haired girls, captioned “the beauty of ireland” on Reddit. Although, he was called out for the photo having actually been of a group of Dutch girls in a Vogue Netherland photoshoot.


Online dating can be difficult, and not just because it can be hard to find the right one. Dating apps are filled to the brim pick-up artists, suspicious profile bios, and, most importantly, the catfish. This one in particular got caught for using a poorly photoshopped image of their face on Bradley Cooper’s head. Their bio’s not super good either.

Flourish Of The Cape

Virtue signaling is when someone makes a post online to attempt to show that they’re a good person or have positive attributes. Right here is a clear sign of that when this person posted on Reddit that they someone ended up leading a pride parade after having walked out of work for the day. That seems nice, but then where’d the rainbow-colored flag come from? Also, who took this picture?

A “Sick” Egg Flip

This user on Facebook decided to make a post about their “amazing trip”. As a result, they posted a photo a friend of theirs took of them doing an egg flip, a snowboarding stunt. While the compliments poured in initially, someone was quick to point out that the poster’s friend wasn’t who took the photo. As a matter of fact, it’s easy to find in a Google image search that this photo was taken from a calender.

Beach Days… Or Not

Here’s our first Snapchat post on the list. Using careful backgrounds, captions, and filters, people seem to be able to pretend to be anywhere with this app. The person in this photo, or, more accurately, photos, wanted to take a nice photo of them lounging on the beach. Although, another of their friends was quick to capture a photo of where they really were. That is, laying on the ground in a field on top of a sand-colored towel.

Nick Boyer

It’s pretty clear that the photo posted by Rick in this Facebook post is beautiful. Although, he shouldn’t take credit for other people’s work. After claiming “I took this pic”, someone was quick to point out the watermark at the bottom right that said “Nick Boyer Photographer”.

A Stolen Conversation

This Facebook post might actually be funny… if the conversation wasn’t stolen from somewhere else. With the poster talking about their experience with their hairdresser, and the compliment they gave them, someone was quick to point out that this wasn’t the first time they had heard this joke before. As a matter of fact, it was the same conversation and joke that happened during an interview between Jimmy Kimmel and Robert Downey Jr.

A “Color” Photo

There are some pretty interesting thing in the subreddit r/damnthatsinteresting. However, there are also some things that are completely bogus. Take this photo for example. The original poster claimed that it was a color photo. However, someone was just as quick to point out the impossibility of that fact. At the bare minimum, we would’ve seen the colored beaks of the water fowl in this image.

The Scam

There are scams everywhere. Phone calls are probably the most well-known, but people trying to trick you online are just as common. And it can get even more dangerous when trying to buy or sell something on second-hand websites. Fortunately for the person in this post, they figured out that the person trying to buy their old Gameboy Advance was actually trying to scam them. And then they exposed them with this social media post.

A Verbal Joust On Facebook

The COVID-19 pandemic was, and still is, a world-changing event. The most notable safety precaution to prevent its spread was wearing masks, something that proved to be a rather divisive act. There have been people that spread misinformation in regards to the validity and safety of masks, with one of the most notable being how people can’t handle masks in warmer temperatures. That’s what this one person posted about on Facebook, but an elderly woman with asthma clapped back about how little difference the mask made when it came to heat.


Twitter’s recently become better at keeping track of statements from important individuals and flagging their posts as potentially incorrect or deceitful. However, it’s not a foolproof system. This person started a tweet with “BREAKING NEWS”, before beginning to explain why online gaming was a threat to internet bandwidth during quarantine. Well, someone actually knowledgeable on the subject was quick to point out the disparity between the bandwidth of online gaming and streaming movies or tv shows.

Remember To Log Out Of Library Computers

Word to the wise, if you’re going to try to lie when using social media, at least make sure your post lines up with what you’re posting on. This person had a “stranger” post a compliment on their Facebook page claiming they should log out of library computers so people can’t take advantage of their account. And then their friends noticed that they posted this from mobile…

White Rabbit

Everyone knows what Alice in Wonderland is. There’s a lot of art, both made by fans and officially, of the characters, and one of the most famous of them is the White Rabbit. This was a pretty good piece of art, but as it turns out, the poster of this image didn’t actually draw it, despite their claims. One of their friends was quick to point that out by posting the original artwork in a reply.

Going Out For Cocktails With The Hubby

Seriously, just don’t lie. The chances of you getting caught in the act are pretty high. Especially if you start posting about your activities on Facebook. This woman posted about the night out she had with her husband and received a rather scathing reply from her friend. She had apparently lied, saying she needed to cover for her boss, whose father had died, which was why she couldn’t hang out with them that night. To add insult to injury, the boss confirmed that his father was still alive.

A Most Convincing Six-Pack

The original poster of this could’ve at least tried to play their poor photoshop job off as a joke. Not only are the abs and the rest of his body’s skin tone different, one user was keen enough to point out that he didn’t have a belly button. Unfortunately, the poster thought it would be a better idea to double down in claiming that it’s real.