Why Thousands Of New Yorkers Are Covering A Subway Wall With Post-It Notes

Since Tuesday's election results, it's safe to say that tensions have been running high all around the country.

One artist in New York City started a clever initiative to bring good cheer to New Yorkers via Post-It notes in the subway.

The artist known as Levee set up a "Subway Therapy" table at one subway stop to make "people smile, laugh, and feel less stress." He sits and talks with subway riders not as a licensed therapist, but as a concerned citizen.

"If someone wants to get something off their chest or has a burning question, I'm happy to be there for them," Levee says on the Subway Therapy website.

But with tensions running high, he brought another item to his therapy table.

“Today is kind of a special edition because of the frustrations and stress it seems like people will have. So I brought the Post-Its and I thought it'd be interesting to see everyone's thoughts up on the wall. It's been really beautiful,” he told ABC7.

Close to 1,500 passengers have stopped by to share their feelings on the Post-It notes.

"Some are angry and an outlet for people's fear," Levee said. "But I think the vast majority of them are actually very hopeful. They're about keeping community together, they're about not being crippled by fear."

Some of the messages include:

"I love this town, and I love this country."

"You will not divide us, love is everything."

"Live for today, Don't worry about tomorrow, Smile more, Worry less"

Some people felt the notes were therapeutic and gave them hope for humanity.

"I'm really moved by it," Lauren Maykut, a Clinton supporter from Canada, said. "I don't often feel community in New York. It's kind of an isolating city."

Maykut herself wrote on a post-it note that "these notes gave me hope."

And a little hope can go a long way.