This Video Of A Gorilla Mom With Her Newborn Gorilla Baby Will Melt Your Heart

Sometimes, nothing hits the spot better than a heartwarming video that just leaves you sobbing. You know what we mean. Right? If you’re with us, here’s one such video that’s guaranteed to make you cry those oh-so-cathartic happy tears.

A gorilla at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo just gave birth to little baby gorilla, and like all new mommies, all she wants to do is kiss and snuggle her new baby. Watch her gaze down at her baby in what appears to be pure wonderment and joy:

How sweet is that? What a good mama! And she’s not only kissing him, but also appears to be simultaneously cleaning him, wiping away neonatal matter as she holds him in her arms.

Calaya is a 15-year-old western lowland gorilla at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Her new baby is the first male gorilla to have been born there in nine years. The little male has been named Moke, which means “junior” or “little one” in the African language of Lingala.

The zookeepers say that when the father, Baraka, first saw his newborn son, he gave a “pleasure rumble,” which is apparently a gorilla’s way of showing happiness.

Meredith Bastian, who is the zoo’s curator of primates, also shares how special it was to watch Calaya give birth. “We were all kind of shaking a little with happiness. It was an amazing moment to share with the team. We were all really close to tears.”

Calaya and Moke have since been seen snuggling together, as in this photo from DC Refined:

Congratulations, mama, and welcome to the world, Moke!

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