This Toddler Repeatedly Telling Dad Leaving For Work He Loves Him Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

For almost three minutes, a sweet toddler wearing just a diaper repeatedly told his dad leaving for work that he loved him in this viral YouTube video.

The little boy, named Carlton, said various love-related sentences to his dad, while waving goodbye—then told him again. And again.

The clincher? Each time, his dad responded—he didn't just drive off. Awww. Best. Dad. Ever. Not to mention: Best. Son. Ever.

Carlton and his “I love you, Daddy!” video is getting more and more popular: As of this writing, the video has over 2 million YouTube hits (and that's only via one YouTube channel, Break Clips, so it probably has way more).

Here, Carlton's dad gives him a kiss goodbye.

Here, the two hug.

And here, Carlton can't resist the urge to tell his dad he loves him. . .again.

And then Carlton waves—again—while shouting—again: “I love you, Daddy!”

Carlton even goes so far as to run out to his dad's truck… and his dad stops and gets out to tell him he loves him, too.

Can this video possibly get any cuter? Watch for yourself to find out!

Photos from Break Clips/YouTube.