This NFL Player’s Random Act Of Kindness Helped A Woman Make Her Flight

Delilah Cassidy was traveling from London to Arizona when she found herself in a pickle at the airport.

While trying to board a connecting flight in Los Angeles, she was told she needed to pay $50 to carry on her bag. After traveling internationally, Cassidy's credit cards were not working in the United States. In order to pay by cash, however, she'd have to go back to the ticket counter, which would cause her to miss her flight.

Cassidy was frustrated and started tearing up. That's when a kind stranger stepped in to save the day and offered to pay the fee for her.

Cassidy tweeted about the incident, noting she was “astonished” by this random act of kindness:

It turns out that the Good Samaritan was Arizona Cardinals tight end, Jermaine Gresham. Although Cassidy tried to decline his offer, the NFL player insisted. Cassidy was able to board the flight, and when she passed Gresham in first class, she gave him a hug to thank him again for his good deed.

She tried to offer him cash, but Gresham refused it and simply told her to pay it forward instead. What a class act!

A flight attendant informed Cassidy, who is studying to be a sports lawyer at Arizona State University, that the man who had helped her was an NFL player. After a quick online search, Cassidy learned his identity.

“I was shocked!” Cassidy told People. “He was so human. He was just so personable. I didn't see him as, ‘This is Jermaine Gresham,' I saw him as a stranger who helped me. I was excited to know it was him, but if it was a random stranger and I never knew their name it would still mean just as much.”

When their flight landed, she once again thanked Gresham, who gladly agreed to take a selfie with her:

What an uplifting story!

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