This Kitten Is Dressed As A Lion—And We’re So In Love

How cute!

Pet owners have long had the inclination to dress up their pets in costumes. Dogs are usually the ones to get this type of treatment, but that doesn’t mean cats are off the hook. No, sir! In fact, this kitten DRESSED AS A LION may be the most adorable animal we’ve ever seen in a costume.

Thanks to some hard-hitting investigative reporting by HelloGiggles, we know this little guy is named Julion. We don’t have much other information about Julion, but here’s what we know at this point.

Julion likes to climb trees.

And why wouldn’t he? He’s the king of the jungle!

Julion goes to the beach.

Someone is going to have sand in his paws!

Julian walks on a leash.

Is there no limit to the cuteness??

Julion does an excellent “Lion King” impression.

Have you ever seen a cat pose so majestically for a photo?

Julian likes to frolic in the grass.

Is he part puppy or what?

Julion is good at making friends.

No other information is currently available about this large inanimate black cat.

Now that you’ve seen little Julion’s adventures in his lion costume, we KNOW you want for your own cat. And, lucky for all of us, you can buy them on Etsy. Dog lovers, don’t worry. You can also dress your pooch as a lion. You’re welcome!