This Is What The Cast Of "The Big Bang Theory" Looks Like In Real Life - The Delite
This Is What The Cast Of “The Big Bang Theory” Looks Like In Real Life

Played By: Brian Posehn

Brian Posehn is an actor known for his appearances on New Girl and The Sarah Silverman Program, along with his stand-up comedy.

Celebrity tidbits...

  • When Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling were on the Mickey Mouse Club, Justin's mother was Ryan's legal guardian.
  • Lorde has an Instagram account where she rates onion rings. It's called onionringsworldwide.
  • Jon Bon Jovi's birth name was John Bongiovi Jr.
  • Kim Basinger bought a town in 1989 to turn it into a tourist attraction, but ended up selling it five years later.
  • Stephen Baldwin has a Hannah Montana tattoo because a 15-year-old Miley Cyrus said that he could guest star on her show if he got one. Unfortuantely, he never got to make an appearance.
  • Jennifer Lawrence has an H20 tattoo on her hand to remind her to drink more water.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis is Jake Gyllenhall's godmother and Jake is the godfather of Heath Ledger's daughter.
  • Tyra Banks has a phobia of dolphins.
  • Grimes legally changed her name from Claire to c in 2018. It is, in fact, supposed to be lower case.
  • Rob Lowe is deaf in his right ear after he got the mumps at age eight.