This Doctor Helped Put A Patient’s Baby To Sleep While Still Managing The ER

Dr. Muir Wallace was just doing his job when he stepped up to help a patient. A mother had come into the emergency room and was having tests run to check her health. Meanwhile, her baby was in need of some sleep, but she was unable to soothe him from her hospital bed.

So Dr. Wallace cuddled the baby until he fell asleep, and then continued to hold him — all while performing his duties of managing the ER staff at the Waikato Hospital in New Zealand for the night.

Later, with the mom’s permission, clinical nurse specialist Mike Haden-Jones posted a photo of the moment to Facebook. The sweet picture shows off Wallace’s new co-worker sleeping on his shoulder and demonstrates that a little kindness can go a long way:

The April 25 post has been liked over 4,600 times online, and the post’s popularity likely has a lot to do with how absolutely adorable it is!

While this may not have been a big deal for Dr. Wallace — helping people is what he does for a living, after all — it surely meant a lot to this little boy’s mom. The photo was captioned, “Sometimes all you need is a hug,” and that couldn’t be more accurate!

Haden-Jones’ Facebook post summed up the doctor’s assistance accurately, saying it was “just an example of the small kindnesses that happen everyday that often go unnoticed.”

All things considered, it was a good night at the ER — all thanks to Dr. Wallace and the staff at the Waikato Hospital!

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