This 9-Year-Old Genius Created A Prosthetic Hand For Teacher


Think about the 9-year-old kids you know. They're probably playing soccer and making Snapchat videos. That's not a knock on being 9—it's just a fact that illustrates how truly remarkable 9-year-old Calramon Mabalot is.

Calramon and his brother, Calexis, have a real passion for 3D printing. But, rather than just printing neat stuff like toys and action figures, these guys are printing prosthetic hands, with actual working fingers.


The brothers got their start in prosthetic printing when they met a teacher named Nick at their local library. Nick needed a hand, and Calramon thought, "Hey, I can do that."

In an interview with 3D Printing Industry, Calramon explains that he built and assembled the prosthetic using a downloaded technology from the project E-Nabling the Future. This group started as an initiative that builds 3D printed hands for kids who are missing fingers.

To learn more about these inspiring siblings checkout their website and YouTube channel.