Things You Probably Don’t Know About Hailey Baldwin

Talk about a whirlwind romance! While model Hailey Baldwin and pop superstar Justin Bieber were first rumored to be dating back in 2015, their relationship seemed to be over until June 2018. The pair gave fans a shock when they became engaged in July 2018. Two months later, Baldwin and Bieber reportedly tied the knot in a secret ceremony at a New York City courthouse (though they haven’t yet confirmed the marriage officially).

So who is Hailey Baldwin, the woman who stole Bieber’s heart? And why does her last name sound so familiar? Here are some facts about the model.

She Has A Well-Known Name

Recognize Baldwin’s last name? You should — the 21-year-old model comes from a pretty famous family. Her father is actor and producer Stephen Baldwin, and her uncle — his brother — is none other than movie star Alec Baldwin. She’s also the younger sister to model Alaia Baldwin.

She Hails From The Southwest

Although she’s a New Yorker, Baldwin wasn’t born in the city. She was actually born thousands of miles away, in Tucson, Arizona. But the model was raised in a suburb of New York City.

She’s Determined To Do It On Her Own

The model has tried to separate herself from her name professionally. Baldwin told Grazia that, although “fame is my family business,” she wants to succeed on her own merits.

“I want to do everything on my own without my name being a factor,” she said in 2016. “I try to keep myself separate from it. Kids that already have a famous background are just following in their families’ footsteps. My dad and all of his brothers have done this.”

She Insists She Had A Normal Childhood

Baldwin doesn’t let fame get to her head. She has said she had a “normal childhood,” which shaped who she is today.

“I’m lucky that I was raised so normally in a suburban town,” she told Glamour in 2016. “If I didn’t have that normal childhood before I started doing this, I don’t know. I don’t see myself as famous, I see myself as a normal person with a job that is not very normal. My work life is very out there and very public. But I do my best to maintain my privacy.”

Her Faith Is Very Important To Her

The model is very open about her faith. Raised evangelical Christian, Baldwin continues to attend bible study with her family. She and fiance Justin Bieber are also members of Hillsong Church, which is often frequented by celebrities.

“It’s not the hand-on-the-head, you pass out, weird kind of stuff,” she told The Sunday Times. “I believe in prayer and deliverance in a very intense way.”

Not Everything Runs In The Family

Politically, Baldwin and her dad are worlds apart. The elder Baldwin leans conservative and has been an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, while his daughter backed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate.

“We didn’t see eye to eye,” Baldwin told The Sunday Times last year. “It was a very big issue for me, but my dad’s still my dad. I would never let politics get in the way of family. It’s over now, and his opinions have changed with how everything’s now unfolding. Every day, the news freaks me out. It’s terrifying.”

The Education Of Miss Baldwin

Baldwin didn’t receive a typical education. Instead, she was homeschooled by her mother, Kennya, a Brazilian-born graphic designer. And as a child, she spent some of her time on set with her father.

Six Degrees Of Separation

Though homeschooled, Baldwin did go to middle school at one point. And it happened to be the same middle school that the Jonas Brothers attended.

“They’re older than me so they went before I went to the school, but yes, we went to the same school,” Baldwin said during a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”


She’s a huge Jonas Brothers fan, too. During the interview, Fallon brought up Baldwin’s brief appearance on “Saturday Night Live” when she was 13 years old. Why was she on set? To help her uncle, Alec, who was hosting the episode, introduce the Jonas Brothers’ performance, of course.

“Yeah, I was into it, for sure,” she told Fallon.

She’s A Classically Trained Dancer

Baldwin is not just a model — she’s a classically trained ballerina, too. The 21-year-old dancer attended New York City’s American Ballet Theatre during the summers until her late teens. Baldwin also danced for the Miami City Ballet, but an injury forced her to end her ballet career.

She’s Got The Look

Baldwin made her runway debut in 2014, at 17 years old. The celebrity model walked for Topshop Unique in a London show that year. Baldwin also became the face of the streetwear brand’s spring 2015 denim line, which was her first big brand campaign.

Heading Down The Runway

Since making her debut, Baldwin has modeled for GUESS, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. She’s also walked the runway for Julien Macdonald and Zadig and Voltaire. Baldwin is currently signed with IMG Models.

Work, Cover Girl

Baldwin has also appeared on her fair share of magazine covers. Vogue, Wonderland, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar are just a few of the publications that featured the famous Baldwin daughter. 

Work Can Be Lonely

Modeling can be tough. Baldwin told Glamour in 2016 that she sometimes deals with loneliness while at work.

“It’s tough sometimes, the thing I’ve been struggling with the most is I miss my family. I think about my parents and I’m like, ‘wow I really haven’t seen them in a long time,’” she explained. “Things get pretty lonely, I’m not going to lie, some of the most famous people you’ll see are truly some of the most lonely. It’s very sad.”

A Bundle Of Nerves

She also deals with anxiety on the job. Baldwin feels nervous before a runway show and has a tendency to hold her breath while she walks.

“Oh and I always have to pee before I go out,” she told Glamour.

Hot On The Mic

You may have seen Baldwin on television. She currently hosts TBS’ celebrity music competition, “Drop the Mic,” alongside rapper Method Man. The show, which premiered last October, wrapped up its second season over the summer.

Scene Stealer

Baldwin also played the love interest in the video for singer Cody Simpson’s song “On My Mind,” released in 2011. She was 14 years old at the time.

And The Award Goes To…

Baldwin’s also taken the stage at awards shows. The model was tapped as a presenter at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. And she co-hosted the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards, where she wore a T-shirt dedicated to the victims and survivors of the Parkland school shooting.

Instagram Famous

The model has a loyal social media following. She has more than 15 million followers on Instagram and nearly 1.3 million followers on Twitter

Beauty Queen

Like all celebrities, Baldwin is flanked by stylists and beauty artists. But the only times Baldwin uses a professional makeup artist is for photo shoots and red carpet appearances. Other than that, she paints her own face.

“I love to do my own makeup in everyday life,” Baldwin told My Domaine over the summer.

Rip Them To Shreds

She also likes to make her own clothes. Baldwin told Elle in 2014 that she has a thing for turning jeans into shorts and enjoys customizing her denim clothing.

“Basically, I like to rip and distress things,” she said. “I love that look.”

A Keen Eye For Fashion

Baldwin has had her own leather goods capsule collection. She collaborated with the accessories label, The Daily Edited, in 2016 for #TheHaileyedited, a line of bags designed and hand-picked by the model. The collection reflected “her own jet-setter, laid-back style,” according to Vogue.

Margot Robbie Is An Inspiration

There’s no doubt that Baldwin is a burgeoning beauty icon, but she’s not without inspiration. When it comes to style, actor Margot Robbie is Baldwin’s muse.

“I love classic, effortless beauty,” she told My Domaine. “That’s beautiful to me — when it seems like you didn’t try.”

Inked For Life

Baldwin is no stranger to tattoos. The model revealed this year on “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan” that she has 19 in total, with her first one being her parents’ wedding date inked on her wrist.

“I figured if I got something dedicated to them, they wouldn’t be as mad,” Baldwin said on the show. “That was the science behind it.”

The Matching Game

She also has a few matching tattoos. Baldwin and her model cousin Ireland (daughter of Alec Baldwin and ex-wife Kim Basinger, pictured below) both have “Baldwin” inked in script handwriting.

The 21-year-old model also got matching finger tattoos with friend and fellow model Kendall Jenner. And she recently had the word “gente” inked on her hip, while her friend and fellow model, Mari McKinney, had the same word tattooed on her back.

Best Friends Forever

Speaking of Kendall Jenner, their friendship wasn’t always peachy. Baldwin was best friends with Kylie Jenner when she was younger but slowly grew closer to Kendall, who was close friends with Ireland at the time. But Kendall “stole Hailey from Kylie” during her first New York Fashion Week, Kendall told Elle in June, and “from then on, she was my homie.”

“At first, Kylie was mad,” Kendall said. “I had to bring them back together and be like, ‘No, it’s okay, guys.’ But it’s all good; that’s our love story.”

She Has Some Tricks Up Her Sleeve

The former ballerina revealed on “The Tonight Show” that she can open beer bottles with her teeth, which she demonstrated during her appearance. How did Baldwin discover this talent? It just happened one night on a trip to the Bahamas, when there was no bottle opener in sight.

You Are What You Eat

Like many models, Baldwin follows a healthy diet. On a day-to-day basis, the model eats a lot of vegetables and fish and limits her meat and dairy intake. But she also likes a good cheat day, too. Her go-to meal: “A cheeseburger and fries,” she told My Domaine.

Let’s Get Physical

Baldwin follows an intense exercise regimen. She works with a trainer and practices Pilates, boxing, yoga and barre.

“Honestly you just have to find something you like to do and do it often!” she told Byrdie earlier this year. “Also, just do it even when you don’t want to — that is when you feel the best afterwards.”

Baby, Baby, Baby…

Baldwin and Bieber didn’t make their relationship Instagram official until January 2015, but they’ve known each other for a lot longer. The model first met the Canadian singer in October 2009 while backstage at the TODAY show with her father, Stephen. And she got to know Bieber in the intervening years through her relationship with the Kardashian-Jenner clan.