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Things You Can Never Unsee

Some things you just can’t unsee. And there’s plenty of examples of that too. Not exactly things are world-changing or traumatic, just stuff that you hadn’t noticed before and are hilarious. And quite often, once you notice them, you’ll never look at that thing the same way again. Take a look at these.

LOL Drowning

Drowning is no laughing matter. But this sign is. Using sticks and circles to represent people is all fine and dandy until they look like the “lol” acronym.


This might not be common among all pugs, but this one certainly has one of the most iconic symbols of all time on its head. The wrinkles on its forehead really does look like Batman’s insignia.

Towel Head

Yeah, that’s supposed to be a towel on their head. Unfortunately, whoever cropped the photo cropped a little too much. Instead it looks like they have a baby hairstyle. Like Jack Jack from The Incredibles.

Fred Jones

The second image of Fred Jones from Scooby-Doo is clearly photoshopped, but that doesn’t change the first one. It’s actually pretty funny to think about how he might actually be walking around in a one piece with a shirt over it.

The Car With A Gross Face

Sports cars are normally seen as luxury vehicles. Luxury items even. You might not even drive one, just have it to look at. Well, from a certain angle, you might not want to look at this one. It has a really gross face after all with the headlights.

The Hidden Toblerone Bear

It’s a wonder the kind of things you can see in random patterns for example, have you ever had a Toblerone? Well, if you haven’t, you’ll probably associate them with bears forever from now on.

Avocado Nose

Illumination really has its own distinct style of animation. And part of that style is that the noses of the pets look like avocados. Seriously, if you don’t believe it, look up a photo of an avocado for comparison.

Tom Cruise’s Tooth

Tom Cruise is one of the most famous actors around nowadays. He’s well-known for a variety of strange things about him as well, including his workout routine and religious beliefs. However, something you may have heard someone mention about is how one of his front teeth is in the middle of his mouth. It really bothers people with OCD.

Scooby Doobie Didgeridoo

Now, it’s not a one-to-one thing with Scooby-Doo’s head mapping over Australia, but it is eerily close. It’s definitely something you won’t be able to ignore in the future.

Teddy Bear Paw Pad

Is this the secret as to why cats are so cute and cuddly? That their paw pads are in the shape of something else that’s cute and cuddly. Without the face drawn on, most people probably wouldn’t have even considered this.

Rami The Dog

The resemblance really is uncanny. If you don’t see immediately, just take a minute, maybe less. Even there ears are both perked up!

The Beautiful Moth Orchid

It depends on the distance at which you’re looking at the flower, and from what angle, but it’ll look like this. And that undoubtedly looks like a bird. A very beautiful and colorful bird at that.

Duck Petting

Well, it’s supposed to resemble a bay, but basic shapes can only get you so far. That’s how the baby changing room can turn into a duck petting room.

Disney Similarities

After looking at this one, you may start to think Disney’s full of hacks. They actually started archiving their animation after their first features to expedite the animation process. If you don’t have to make everything from scratch it really saves time. However, when two scenes from two different movies look identical… It really starts to make people think.

Bowtie Body

Well, it’s definitely supposed to be a bowtie. But if you look at it took long, Colonel Sanders becomes a giant head on a tiny body.

Fudge Speeder

Any fan of Star Wars probably remembers Rey and her speeder from The Force Awakens. And you probably didn’t think anything about it until you saw this. Yes, it does look like a fudgesicle.

Panda Knees

Giant anteaters are neat animals. And they’re pretty fun to learn about as well. Although, that’s not the point of this. The point if this is that the giant anteater’s legs look like pandas.

Bunny Nose

Another cut thing about cats looking like other cute animals. Right here, you can see that an upside-down cat with its tongue out looks like a rabbit’s nose.

The Fist Of Sloth

This hand doesn’t really even look like a proper fist. But upon closer examination, you’ll notice that it does look like a sloth. How does this kind of stuff always happen when designing images and logos?

A Bird’s Beak Is Another Bird

You won’t notice it at first. From some angles it’s probably impossible to see. But look closely, and see it. You’ll see how a bird’s beak looks like another, smaller bird’s head.

WiFi Drain

A lot of water fountains have the same kind of drains. But did you ever notice that those drains look like wifi symbols? Seriously check it out. They’ve got full coverage.

Check Under The Pillow

This seems like a normal photo at first. Nothing wrong with it, right? Check under the pillow in the foreground. Still don’t see it? There’s a face. It could be a doll, a mask, or a person, but there’s a face down there. And it’s actually scary.

The Rainbow Smile

While the image pictured here is of erasable colored pencils, a lot of Crayola products have this same box design. That being a hole to see all the colors through. And the shape always forms a rainbow-colored smile.

Reflection In The Coke Bottle

Why would you take a picture of a liter of Coca Cola in the first place? Maybe it’s because the person saw the reflection in the bottle. Is that a drone or a jet? Looks like impact came soon afterwards.

Syrup In A Bucket

It’s supposed to just be a syrup spigot dripping into a bucket. Well, Vermont is probably the worst state to try to attempt this design with. The end result is a much more disturbing image than the Vermont tourist bureau likely intended.