Thieves Return Stolen Gnome Along With Pictures Of Its Epic Vacation

If you've ever had a garden gnome go missing, it's possible it wasn't stolen, but rather that it was taken by Good Samaritans who simply wanted to take him on vacation. This was the case for Canadian Bev York's gnome, which was recently returned after being stolen in December 2015.

York's gnome was taken from her driveway in Victoria, British Columbia. Months later, "Leopold"—as his gnome-nappers named him—reappeared with a photo album detailing his adventures. Photos within the book show Leopold at the beach, drinking margaritas and even snapping a selfie at the Grand Canyon.

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The start of Leopold's travel book reads:

“One morning back in December '15, I saw a motor home toddle along, and I thought to myself, 'There's got to be more to life than standing knee-deep in rainwater being peed on by neighborhood dogs and staring at the same view every single day.'” What follows are pictures of Leopold's epic road trip through the U.S. and into Mexico.

The only clue as to who took the gnome is one photo of Leopold being cuddled by a little boy, though York didn't recognize him.

“It was a cute prank, and put a smile on my face,” said York. Not only is the book well-written, it shows that a gnome can have fun, too.

CTV News

“These people have a great sense of humor, but I wish they would've taken me instead!” York joked.

At the end of the book, Leopold left words to remember: “Hope you enjoyed my album. Sorry I disappeared for so long, and remember: adventure before dementia.”

Leopold has now returned to a special position on York's property with a sign that says "24-Hour Surveillance" above his head.

[h/t Huffington Post]