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The Sweet Reason Serena Williams’ Husband Surprised Her With Their Baby’s Pictures On 4 California Billboards

It?s not everyday that your significant other rents out billboard space to profess their love, but you know what? Maybe it should be!

Alexis Ohanian Sr. and his daughter, Alexis Olympia Jr., are proving that showing your love in a big way could be the thing to do. The father-daughter duo rented out not one, but four, billboards to show their love and support of the incredible wife, mother and athlete, Serena Williams.

The proud husband and father posted about the sweet gesture on Instagram, writing, ?These just went up on alongside I-10 into Palm Springs. @olympiaohanian & I wanted to welcome her back to tennis. Designed them myself, with some help from Jr.?

The billboards feature photos of little Alexis Olympia Jr. and Williams and read, ?Greatest Momma Of All Time.? How adorable is that?

Williams recently made her official return to the game of tennis after giving birth to Alexis Olympia Jr., and her husband and daughter are proving to be her biggest fans. Not only were they by her side to cheer her on during her first match back, but now they?ve gone and rented out billboards to get her pumped up. As far as support systems go, it doesn?t get better than that!

Williams admitted that she couldn?t be more grateful to have her family by her side during this important moment in her tennis career.

?I?m so fortunate to have @alexisohanian and @olympiaohanian by my side for my comeback,? the tennis champ wrote on Instagram. ?I love my surprise so much from them. I feel so special. Love you both.?

Watch the video below, which reveals the loving message on the billboards. Imagine how touched Williams must have been driving past those!

Williams also recently said that her daughter is a major source of motivation and strength for her. In a commercial for Lincoln, she had this to say about returning to tennis after becoming a mother:

?To be honest, I have my doubts [about making a comeback]. But then I look at my daughter, and I see my strength.?

And considering Williams was eight weeks pregnant when she claimed the Australian Open title for the seventh time, it?s no wonder her daughter?s a major good luck charm!

Getty Images | Scott Barbour

And she wasn?t shy about her longing to become a mother and continue on with her first love, tennis.

?I am looking forward to becoming a mother and coming back to the courts already,? she told The Telegraph before her daughter?s birth. ?I?m always thinking about what?s next: the next victory, the next trophy.?

She didn?t wind up winning her first post-pregnancy match, which she played just a couple of weeks ago, but she doesn?t seem worried about it.

?I honestly feel better than I thought I was going to feel,? she told The New York Times after the match.?I feel like I?m on the right track for me.?

With her husband and daughter there to watch, there?s no doubt she?s got a solid support system.

Getty Images | Richard Shiro

?I don?t think my story is over yet,? Williams told Vanity Fair.

Based on these billboards?her story is most certainly not over. Not only will she possibly go down as the greatest tennis player of all time, but she?s also considered the greatest momma of all time by her family. Now, that?s a win!

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