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The Surprising Real Names Of 35 Celebrities

It’s no news flash that celebrities often adopt new names when they get into the entertainment business.

In decades past, it was anti-Semitism and other prejudices that led some actors to change their names for Hollywood. But today, when celebrities take stage names, it’s usually to maintain some anonymity, make their name easier to pronounce or simply to make it sound cooler than the one they were born with.

Stage names don’t seem to be as common in today’s entertainment business as they were in the old days, but we’ve managed to gather 35 actors who go by a different name than the one they were born with. I bet a few of them will surprise you!

Winona Ryder

Birth name: Winona Horowitz

Jackie Chan

Birth name: Chan Kong-sang

Mindy Kaling

Birth name: Vera Chokalingham

Tim Allen

Birth name: Timothy Dick

Julianne Moore

Birth name: Julie Anne Smith

Demi Moore

Birth name: Demi Guynes

Nicolas Cage

Birth name: Nicolas Coppola

Vin Diesel

Birth name: Mark Sinclair

Alison Brie

Birth name: Alison Schermerhorn

Jamie Foxx

Birth name: Eric Bishop

Blake Lively

Birth name: Blake Brown

Ben Kingsley

Birth name: Krishna Bhanji

Meg Ryan

Birth name: Margaret Hyra

Whoopi Goldberg

Birth name: Caryn Johnson

Michael Caine

Birth name: Maurice Joseph Micklewhite Jr.

Michael Keaton

Birth name: Michael Douglas

Natalie Portman

Birth name: Natalie Hershlag

Tom Cruise

Birth name: Thomas Mapother IV

Kat Dennings

Birth name: Katherine Litwack

Theo James

Birth name: Theo Taptiklis

Portia de Rossi

Birth name: Amanda Rogers

Alan Alda

Birth name: Alphonso D’Abruzzo


Birth name: Marietta Sirleaf

Ralph Fiennes

Birth name: Ralph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes

Amy Ryan

Birth name: Amy Dziewiontkowski

Jonah Hill

Birth name: Jonah Feldstein

Queen Latifah

Birth name: Dana Owens

Casey Affleck

Birth name: Caleb Affleck-Boldt

Lea Michele

Birth name: Lea Sarfati

Dennis Franz

Birth name: Dennis Schlacht

Natasha Lyonne

Birth name: Natasha Braunstein

Julie Bowen

Birth name: Julie Luetkemeyer

Martin Sheen

Birth name: Ramon Estevez

John Boyega

Birth name: John Adegboyega

Brie Larson

Birth name: Brianne Desaulniers

Did any of these name changes surprise you?

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