The Strangest Mailboxes You Can Buy

You may not think about them a lot, but mailboxes are important to our everyday life. How else would you get bills or spam? Regardless, some people like to take their mailbox game to the next level. Here are some mailboxes that you can actually buy right now. Maybe you’ll find one you want to buy.

Two Doors

By all accounts, this  should be considered a normal mailbox. But, why does it have two doors? This is probably the only one that’s strange because of its practically as opposed to overall design. Most mailmen would even know that there’s a second door. And even if they did, why would they use the other door? Sure the owner could take the mail out the back end, but that only saves a couple of seconds at best in comparison to them going to the front.

Rural Mailbox

You don’t see a lot of mailboxes like this anymore. According to the seller, the shape of the mailbox is incredibly useful. This mailbox type is generally used in more rural areas, but they’re likely more well-kept than this one.

Crescent Moon

I almost wish that the box itself was shaped like the moon instead of the just the post. It’s still a fun and interesting mailbox making you wonder who decided to carve this thing.


This one’s claim to flame is that it’s made out of brass. But even the creator seemed to ignore the fact that it looks like a treasure chest. The green rust even looks like foliage, giving the impression its been lost for years.


This is a pretty fun one. It looks like a house or a castle for your mail. Despite its texture though, don’t mistake it for actual brick. The mailbox itself is actually made from mostly hard plastic. Still should be pretty durable though.

Ecco E8 Tower

This particular brand of mailbox is a pretty interesting and well-designed tower. It comes in a couple different colors as well. This one might not be particularly strange in comparison to the other mailboxes on this list, but it also doesn’t really even look like a mailbox. If it wasn’t for the big letters that said post, the mailman might ignore it. And even if they didn’t, where exactly do you put the mail in?


This mailbox has actually been marketed as indestructible. With an aluminum build and magnetic seal to prevent the latch from coming undone, it does seem more durable than most mailboxes. It also looks like a metal lunchbox.

Garden Decor

This looks like one out of a fairy tale. A nice, metal mailbox that looks like its made from all kinds of foliage. And to top it all off, it says male on the top. The funniest thing about it though is that it looks more like a trash can than a mailbox.


This one really looks like it’s only half a mailbox. But, they wouldn’t be selling it if it wasn’t functional. It’s more modern design might sacrifice space, but you shouldn’t be getting that much mail at once anyway.

Zippy the Dragon

Who doesn’t love dragons? They’re majestic, destructive, and beautiful mythical creatures that have captivated people’s minds for centuries. Which is what makes this dragon being used in the design for a mailbox all the more hilarious. Apparently his name is Zippy. The only thing that could make this one better is if the dragon held the mail in its mouth.

Mailbox/Lamp Post Combo

Everybody needs a mailbox. Everybody needs lamp posts. So, why not combine the two? You can help your neighbors navigate at night while also having a receptacle for letters.

Log Cabin

Something about log cabins makes people feel nice and cozy. Why else would they go to Bed and Breakfasts? So, why not get that feeling for your hand by reaching into this wonderful mailbox? It’s a lovely sight, truly.

Orca Whale

The standard mailbox design isn’t particularly difficult to alter. You can see how this one’s designer took full advantage of the receptacle itself when crafting this outer layer. At a first glance it’s actually hard to tell that the head, fin, flippers, and tail of the whale were actually attached to the mailbox. There are a couple of other designs like this one for other animals, too.

Rat Fink

This one doesn’t have much in terms of shape, but the design is certainly strange. The mascot is quite unsettling to look at, and the colorization is a sickly lime green. Still though, it’s a rather unique mailbox to have.

Largemouth Bass

People make a lot of fun of this particular fish. With a name like “largemouth bass” it can be pretty easy to make fun of it like that. So of course the mouth of the bass is the mouth of the mailbox in this instance. Poor largemouth bass, but a strange and unique mailbox.

Tuxedo Cat

This one’s pretty similar to the largemouth bass, it’s a particular animal being made into the head of a mailbox. However, unlike that one, the mouth of the mailbox doesn’t match up with the mouth of the animal. This mailbox does have one thing over the bass though: it can stand. Whether you have a post or not, this mailbox can stand. Although, your mailman will have t0 bend over pretty far to get the mail in the box.


There’s a lot of layers of strange to this one. First of all, it’s designed to resemble a cactus. It’s also sky blue (not the color a cactus is). And, of course, there’s the fact that it’s a mailbox. Props to the designer on this one, who would’ve thought of this?

Bear Climbing A Tree

Not only is this a strange design, it’s well-crafted as well. The tree with the bear getting ready to climb it, and the mailbox at the top resembles a treehouse. You might even go as far as to think the bear’s going for the people inside.


These creatures were once mistaken for mermaids. Although they may not be as attractive, they still certainly have a certain charm to them. So of course you’d want to have a manatee holding your mailbox. What makes it even better is the little manatee accompanying the larger one.


The post of the box is already tree, but this designer went the extra mile.  They really didn’t need to put the parrots on there, and they look incredibly realistic as well.