The Shows Coming To Netflix In 2022

When people think of streaming, Netflix is still the first website to come to people’s minds. And it’ll likely stay that way for at least a few more years. While it’s home to many series that previously aired on network television, Netflix is also home to a large library of original content. Here are many of the shows that will be coming to Netflix in 2022.


From the creators of the hit, German series Dark1899 is a series set at sea that follows various immigrants as they travel, searching for a new life. However, as they search for a new life, they become stuck in a nightmare.

Agent King

Announced on the 42nd anniversary of the King of Rock’s death, Agent King is an animated series about Elvis Presley. The main difference between this and reality is that he’s a secret agent working for the government.

All The Light We Cannot See

From Steven Knight and Shawn Levy, we’re getting All The Light we Cannot See. It’s an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Anthony Doerr. The novel details the stories of three individuals whose paths collide during World War II.

Anatomy Of A Scandal

Another adaption of a novel this time by Sarah Vaughan. It details the story of a “sexual consent scandal amongst British privileged elite and the women caught up in its wake”.

Archive 81

While not a strict adaptation like some of the previous entries, this one’s an adaptation of a podcast. The series itself will follow an archivist as they try to restore tapes filmed by a filmmaker investigating a cult.

Assassin’s Creed

This would be the second live action adaptation of the popular video game franchise after a less than revered feature film. Jeb Stuart, known for Die Hard and Vikings: Valhalla is onboard as showrunner and a writer.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

A live-action adaptation of the world-famous animated series is still on its way to Netflix. While there’s been some stirrings on the behind the scenes, the series is still expected to be a more proper retelling of the original story, in comparison to the film directed by M. Night Shyamalan.


The comic series created by Keanu Reeves is being adapted into an anime-style series. BRZRKR will also be starring Reeves as the main protagonist.

Cabinet Of Curiosities (10 After Midnight)

Another season of Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities is set for release. The series is an anthology of horror, with the upcoming season being titled 10 After Midnight.

Florida Man

This series headlined by Hector Ramirez details the story of an ex-cop after he returns to Florida. As a part of his trials, he begins searching for the daughter of a mobster.


A spin-off of the recently ended On My Block is coming, once again focusing on the fictional location of Freeridge. However, how closely related the two series will be, outside of the location, has not yet been revealed.

The Green Beret’s Guide To Surviving The Apocalypse

This series is about Shawn Vance portraying a fictional version of himself as he attempts to survive various apocalyptic scenarios. The series has a great cast and is produced by Peter Berg and Matt Damon.


Another comic book adaptation, Grendel is a fantasy story about a talented assassin, and the path he goes down to avenge the death of a loved one.

Hard Cell

British comedian Catherine Tate is returning for Hard Cell. The show is a mockumentary about the inmates and staff of the prison HMP Woldsley.

Human Resources

Human Resources is a spin-off of Big Mouth, which recently released its fifth season. The series details the lives and work of the hormone monsters, as well as their other coworkers.

Inventing Anna

This limited series is about Anna Delvey, a woman that successfully conned the New York elite. However, her actions eventually landed her in prison. The series was created by Shonda Rhimes, or Bridgerton and Grey’s Anatomy fame.

Kings Of America

A mini-series starring Amy Adams and Glenn Close. Created by the producers of HBO’s Succession, it tells the story of three, powerful women with intertwined lives.

Lost Ollie

Lost Ollie is an animated series about a toy trying to get back to its owner, who is emotionally devastated.

Magic: The Gathering

Based on the card game of the same name, Magic: The Gathering will bring the Planeswalkers to the small screen, the magic-wielding heroes and villains in the game’s lore.

Millarworld Series

There are several series in development based on Millarword comic books. Some of them include American Jesus, Night Club, Supercroocks, and The Magic Order.

One Piece

The production company that made the live action Cowboy Bepop is also working on an adaptation of One Piece. It’s one of the most popular and longest running graphic novel and manga series of all time. Recently, it surpassed 1,000 chapters and 1,000 episodes of its anime adaptation.

Pieces Of Her

This series tries to answer the question “What if the person you thought you knew best turns out to be someone you never knew at all?” The series features an all-star cast in an adaption of the novel by Karin Slaughter.

Queen Charlotte

A spin-off of the popular series Bridgerton, planning to focus on the Queen, herself in her younger days. Technically, Queen Charlotte isn’t the official name of the series and it has yet to be revealed.

Resident Evil

While there’s a Resident Evil film in theaters now, there’s another series coming to Netflix. It’s set in two timelines, including one set 30 years after the discovery of the T-Virus.

Something Is Killing The Children

Another comic book adaptation, this series is about teen survivor who lives in a town where a monster eats children.

That 90s Show

Netflix recently lost That ’70s Show, but a sequel series is on the horizon. With a few returning cast members, the show will take place in 1995 and focus on a new generation of Point Place Kids.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Originally meant for CBS, Netflix swooped in and picked up this series instead. It’s based off of the 2011 film of the same name, produced by Lionsgate.

The Midnight Club

Creator and director of the Haunting anthology series and Midnight Mass, as well as many other great horror projects, is coming back to Netflix with a new show. The Midnight Club focuses on a group of five terminally ill patients that gather at midnight to share scary stories.

The Three-Body Problem

From the creators of Game of Thrones comes potentially one of their most ambitious projects yet. This series adapts the Chinese science fiction novels of the same name.

The Witcher: Blood Origin

Off the back of the hit series, Blood Origin takes place 1,200 years before the main story. As its name may suggest, it serves as an origin story for the first Witcher ever created.

The Woman In The House

This series stars Kristen Bell in what has been described as a “dark comic thriller”. It’ll be an eight episode series where Anna, played by Bell, witnesses a murder after a new neighbor moves in.

Vikings: Valhalla

From the original Vikings series, Valhalla is a sequel that takes place 100 years after the original. The series was given an up front order for three seasons, so Netflix clearly has confidence in the project.


Wednesday of the Addams Family will be returning to screens played by Jenna Ortega. The series will focus on Wednesday as she learns to master her abilities. Tim Burton’s already on board to direct.