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The Oldest Celebrities That Are Still Alive

Some people become famous at a young age and just continue being famous well into adulthood. That fame never seems to fade, especially as long as the person in question is alive. And it seems as though some of these celebrities have had the elixir of life (even if they may not look like it). Here are some of the oldest celebrities still alive today.

Nancy Sinatra – June 8th, 1940 – 82 Years Old

When you’re the daughter of the famous Frank Sinatra, people have high expectations for you. And they were met by Nancy. She was a fantastic singer and performer in her day and has even released albums as recently as 2013. However, she’s been content to stay out of the limelight, with some speculating that she’s retired. She’s currently 82.

Anthony Hopkins – December 31st, 1937 – 84 Years Old

Anthony Hopkins must really love acting. He’s been doing it for decades. With iconic portrayals of characters like Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs, he’s ingratiated himself to older audiences. And with roles in films like Thor and Transformers: The Last Knight, he’s shown his acting chops to younger people as well. It seems as though all he wants to do is keep acting, even though he’s already 84.

Dick Van Dyke – December 13th, 1925 – 96 Years Old

Dick Van Dyke’s been entertaining people for generations. He’s been in classics like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the illustrious Mary Poppins. And let’s not forget that he had his own show, The Dick Van Dyke Show. Despite being 96 years old, he can still move pretty well. In the film Mary Poppins Returns, he was able to even perform his own dance number. Albeit, it was a rather short one.

Robert Redford – August 18th, 1936 – 86 Years Old

Robert Redford has had a long and varied career. He’s claimed to have retired twice, but something always seems to pull him back into the fray. He’s since become more recognizable as an older man, after his portrayal of Secretary Pierce in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His last film to be released following his second, official retirement was Avengers: Endgame. He’s currently 86.

Mel Brooks – June 28th, 1926 – 96 Years Old

Mel Brooks is known as a comedy legend. While he’s been in a few films himself, most of his work has been behind the camera as a writer, producer, and director. Some of his most famous films were made with his partner Gene Wilder, such as Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein. Even at 96 years old, Brooks is still making people laugh in interviews.

Julie Andrews – October 1st, 1935 – 87 Years Old

At 87, Julie Andrews has aged so well that it’s hard to even tell how old she is. Her most well-known role is by far, the titular role in Mary Poppins. Although, it’s by far not her only role. Even as recently as 2018, she provided her role to the movie Aquaman. In case you didn’t know, she played the Kraken.

Jerry Lee Lewis – September 29th, 1935 – 87 Years Old

Jerry Lee Lewis was known “The Killer” because of his talent as a pianist. He’s certainly one of the oldest celebrity musicians still alive at 87, but people still remember his contributions to the field of Rock and Roll. His performance on the Steve Allen Shown when he performed “A Whole Lotta Shakin'” was so intense that his hair literally curled while doing it.

Sophia Loren – September 20th, 1934 – 88 Years Old

Sophia Loren was once considered the “Screen Goddess”, and was one of the most famous names in Hollywood. The Italian beauty has been in numerous films and became Hollywood’s sex symbol for a time. At 88 years old, Loren is still as beautiful as ever.

Clint Eastwood – May 31st, 1930 – 92 Years Old

A Fistful of Dollars is the film that really put Clint Eastwood on the map. Looking back at him as a young man and looking at him now, you’ll see the differences, but you’ll also see the same gruff and tough man he’s always been. He’s 92 years old, and isn’t just still starring in films, but making them too. He even seems to be one of the few filmmakers actively trying to keep cinema alive.

Shirley MacLaine – April 24th, 1934 – 88 Years Old

Shirley MacLaine was a triple threat, a singer, dancer, and actress. She was in Terms of EndearmentSteel Magnolias, and The Turning Point. She’s currently 88, but is still just as smart and intelligent as she was as a young woman. She still gets roles as well, and has won seven Golden Globes and Oscars.

Richard Chamberlain – March 31st 1934 – 88 Years Old

Richard Chamberlain’s role in Dr. Kildare was the lucky break he needed to get his career off the ground. Since then, eh’s had many great roles, even portraying Jason Bourne before Matt Damon. He’s also openly gay, which was quite scandalous when he first broke into the acting scene. He’s currently 88 years old.

Kim Novak – February 13th, 1933 – 89 Years Old

Kim Novak was a contemporary of Marilyn Monroe, being groomed by Alfred Hitchcock to become the next sex symbol in Hollywood. She gave a great performance in Vertigo, but was considered far less impressive than the late starlet. Novak since left Hollywood and retired in Oregon. At age 89, she’s since started painting. And she finds the hobby to be far more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Barbara Eden – August 23rd, 1931 – 91 Years Old

Barbara Eden isn’t acting much anymore, but she made a big splash when she did. She earned the title role in I Dream of Jeannie, which is what gained her so much notoriety as a young woman. You can still watch reruns of the show, but Eden also still received royalties from her time on it. She’s currently 91 years old.

John Astin – March 30th, 1930 – 92 Years Old

The Addams Family from their titular show is still getting rebooted and remade in the present. And a big part of that fame is John Astin’s portrayal of Gomez Addams in the 60s. His depiction of the character has informed all who came after him. He’s currently 92 years old.

Tippi Hedren – January 19th, 1930 – 92 Years Old

Tippi Hedren’s most well-known for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. While most well-known as an actress, Hedren’s also considered the godmother of the nail industry for Vietnamese-American women. While visiting a Vietnamese refugee camp in California, many of the women were so captivated by her long nails that she brought her manicurist in to teach them the art. Hedren’s currently 92 years old.

Bob Newhart – September 5th, 1929 – 93 Years Old

Bob Newhart’s most recognized for his comedy routines, but he’s also a skilled actor, even if those roles tend to be more comedic in nature. He voiced Bernard in The Rescuers and even had his own show, The Bob Newhart Show. Listening to him in the present though, he has a great stand-up routine and has great monologues. The 93-year-old always knows how to make people laugh.

Ann Blyth – August 16th, 1928 – 94 Years Old

Ann Blyth’s best known performance is of Veda Pierce Forrester in Mildred Pierce. She’s since had a long and successful career, even earning herself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Although, she’s since retired from the acting industry. She’s currently 94 years old.

Bob Barker – December 12th, 1923 – 98 Years Old

Bob Barker won a Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award for hosting the longest-running show on TV. That show being The Price is Right. He also appears in cameos in some movies, such as Happy Gilmore. While he’s most famous for The Price is Right, he also fought in World War II as a fighter pilot. He’s currently 98.

Tony Bennett – August 3rd, 1926 – 96 Years Old

Tony Bennett’s been reentering the public eye since he started touring the country with Lady Gaga. He’s always been famous for his music and has even won 18 Grammies. At 96 years old, Bennett’s been fading because of his struggle with Alzheimer’s, but he’s still somehow able to bring his A-game when he’s performing live.

Angela Lansbury – October 16th, 1925 – 96 Years Old

Angela Lansbury has been a well-loved actress for a long time. She’s well known for starring in the show Murder She Wrote. Although, you may be more familiar with her voice than her face. She voiced Mrs. Pots in the original 1991 version of Beauty and the Beast, an all-time classic. She’s currently 96 years old.

Lex Luger – June 2nd, 1958 – 64 Years Old

Lex Luger’s only 64 years old. While that doesn’t sound that old in comparison to the other people on this list, it’s made more impressive by his former occupations. He was once called “The Total Package”, and became quite famous as a wrestler. He was even briefly an NFL football player. Although, he quit the sport after a spinal stroke in 2007. He’s still involved in the WWE, but works for the Wellness Policy Team instead of as a wrestler.

Jimmy Carter – October 1st, 1924 – 98 Years Old

Jimmy Carter is the 39th President of the United States and, at 98 years old, the oldest living one. Carter didn’t get to do much in office due to his somewhat radical policy changes, wanting sweeping, progressive change. However, He was constantly met with opposition on both sides of the isle. Even so, he’s still a widely respected individual.

Eva Marie Saint – July 4th, 1924 – 98 Years Old

Eva Marie Saint is probably the oldest woman on this list at 96. Although, she’s aged rather gracefully. She’s most well-known for her roles in older films, such as North by Northwest and On the Waterfront, but she still appears in films and other media in the present. She has slowed down a little though. Her last movie was Winter’s Tale in 2014.

Janis Paige – September 16th, 1922 – 100 Years Old

Janis Paige is retired, and for good reason. After all, she’s 100 years old! She had a long career as an actress, singer, and even a stint as a pin-up model. She had acted both onscreen and on the stage, with her most notable work being The Pajama Game. Despite her age, she also still seems to be rather graceful or otherwise doesn’t have too much trouble moving around on her own.

Norman Lear – July 27th, 1922 – 100 Year Old

Norman Lear’s 100 years old too, but he hasn’t slowed down his career. He’ll probably continue working in show business until the day he actually does die. Although he primarily acts as a producer when it comes to film and television now. Most recently, he was responsible for helping to get the 2022 remake of the television series Good Times off the ground. His contributions to film and television even landed him in the Television Academy Hall of Fame.

Henry Kissinger – May 27th, 1923 – 99 Years Old

Henry Kissinger is another person more famous for their political actions as opposed to an acting or music career. He was the National Security Advisor in 1969 and U.S. Secretary of State in 1973. He even won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1973. Albeit, the circumstances were more controversial and two members of the committee resigned in protest. Kissinger was responsible for many policies adopted by the United States during the Cold War, even negotiating America’s removal from the Vietnam War.

Iris Apfel – August 29th, 1921 – 101 Years Old

A fashion icon and perhaps the oldest person on this list. Iris Apfel was in the fashion industry from 1950 to 1992, working alongside her husband. She even had a contract with the White House, which spanned nine different presidents. Although technically retired, Apfel does still make public appearances and lend her wisdom to the textile industry.

Ray Anthony – January 20th, 1922  – 100 Years Old

You may not be as familiar with Ray Anthony, himself, but you may be more familiar with the group he was a part of: The Glenn Miller Orchestra. Anthony, himself, was also a band leader, songwriter, and actor. After all these years, Ray Anthony’s the only one still alive. But at 100 years old, it’s actually somewhat amazing that he still is.