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The Most Important Things To Know Before Booking A Cruise

Cruises are pretty fun excursions, allowing you to see the world while doing a multitude of activities at sea. Although, there are some things that people just don’t consider when it comes to going one. Before you book a cruise, make sure it’s right for you by checking out these facts that you may not be prepared for.

Not Exactly Quiet

When you’re in your cabin, you’d ordinarily think that you’d be getting some privacy. But the walls are a bit thinner than you might expect. You could still have quieter or normal volume conversations in private, but don’t be too loud. Your neighbors and passersby will hear all of your shouting.

Cruises Are Not Liable For Children

The 1920 Death on the High Seas Act state that only rehabilitation for spouses is issued in the event of an accident were to occur on a cruise. The same benefits are not provided for children. You shouldn’t be expecting something terrible to happen to your child, but know that you’ll be considered completely liable if something does. The ship won’t hold any accountability.

Don’t Be Late For Castoff

When the ship docks at any of its destinations, you may either stay onboard, or, more likely, you’ll want to explore wherever you’re visiting. Well, you can certainly do that, but make sure you don’t miss castoff. They will leave without you. The ship only is allotted a certain amount of time at the port and after that they get fined.

Smooth Plumbing

Cruise ships can hire the best chefs money can buy, but they’re still required to add a little extra something to all their food. That being a little extra fat to help speed up digestion. It works as a sort of laxative while also helping to assist in keeping the plumbing of the ship clear.

Nothing New

If you go on a couple of different cruises, you’ve likely seen a couple different forms of entertainment. Comedy clubs, stage performances, movies, stuff like that. But if you get onboard the exact same boat, expect to see the exact same entertainment. The people that work these shows are paid to perform the same thing every night. They’re not paid to come up with new material.

Eyes Everywhere

Just know that you can’t get away with any crimes or lies on a cruise ship. Outside of the cabins there is surveillance everywhere. They’ll be able to pull security footage from any time to corroborate or disprove any accusations. It’s for the benefit of the passengers to make sure security’s working well, but just remember that you’re being watched.

No Fraternization Between Crew And Guests

Most cruise ships have a policy against “fraternizing with guests” for their crew. No romantic relationships with passengers, or else they’ll immediately be fired. Management even threatens to leave the crew at the next port if they break this rule.

Seriously, No Fraternizing

Seriously, the management takes this no-fraternization policy very seriously. They even put a few rules in place to make sure their crew doesn’t even attempt anything. A former cabin crew employee explained they weren’t allowed to ride an elevator with a guest if they were the only ones inside. And if they’re taking a photo with a guest, both of their hands have to be visible.

Never See Them Again

The punishment for those fraternization rules is no joke. If you accuse an employee of doing something unacceptable, the security footage and logs will immediately be reviewed. Regardless of at what point this happens while you’re at sea, you’ll never see that member of the crew again. Sometimes it seems as though they take this rule more seriously than anything else on the ship.


In order to better suit their passenger’s needs, cruise ships put those people into three different, no-so-flattering categories. They are newlyweds, “soon-to-be-deads” (seniors), and “overfeds” (everyone else). It allows staff to know how to handle and help with recommendations though, so it’s not entirely bad. The names just aren’t that nice.

Cruise Ship Mortality Rates

There actually is a morgue on every cruise ship. Around 200 guests die onboard every year. Although, that’s not because of accidents for the most part. It’s primarily senior citizens who just reached their end naturally. Things aren’t any more dangerous, but you might get an announcement over the intercom if someone passes away.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

It’s a bigger issue on different parts of the ocean, but pirates are still a real problem. Piracy on cruise ships reached an all-time high in 2009, attacking 200 ships and stealing $35 million worth of cash and goods. Fortunately, cruise ships are also equipped with enormous water cannons in case they are assaulted by pirates.

The Potential Of Shipwrecks

The chance of your ship capsizing or any other problem causing you to become lost at sea is not that high. But it’s not zero either. The Carnival ship Triumph ended up losing power in 2013 because of a fire in the engine room. They were stranded off the Gulf of Mexico and sewage began backing up all round the ship. They actually had to make a tent city as a virus spread across the ship. As such, hygiene became an even bigger priority on the vessel than it originally was.

To The Sick Brig

It’s important to keep the passengers and crew as healthy as possible. After all, they’re all cooped up together on a ship for at least a week. So, if someone gets sick, to avoid an outbreak a sick staff member is required to stay away from anyone else. They’re likely to get quarantined, potentially in someplace like the brig.

The Wi-Fi Isn’t Cheap

When you board a cruise ship, most of the time it’s expected that you put your phone on airplane mode. Out on the ocean, you won’t have anything to really connect to, aside from the wi-fi onboard. And that wi-fi is often restrictive. You can purchase plans for social media sites or unlimited access, but don’t expect these amenities to be cheap. Even the crew has to pay for them.

Food For Presentation

You’re always going to see foods for presentation to help with the aesthetic when going out to eat. And that’s no different on a cruise ship. Although, the difference is that you’ll probably be eating that display food at a later date. The fruit is particular is often recycled for guests, as its necessary without access to fresh food.

High On Calories

This fact was actually revealed by Holland America’s spokesperson, John Primeau. According to him, a typical cruise meal will lead to the average person gaining a pound a day. All of the dishes have a really high calorie count. And because of the lack of fresh food, it’s, as mentioned before, recycled towards the end of the voyage. That’s why the buffet always seems fully stocked.

The Crew Are Scavengers

The crew on each cruise you’re on aren’t actually allowed to eat the food left out for guests, at least not when the guests are eating from those areas. The crew’s allowed to eat the leftovers. They’re otherwise not offered the same quality or variety of food. Some are grateful for the offering while others feel as though they’re being treated like stray animals.

The Monotony

Especially for the crew, spending every day on a cruise ship can get pretty tedious. As such, they’ll look for ways to spice things up. They may start doing pranks on the guests, such as saying to another crew member, loud enough for others to hear, that they’ll meet them at the bowling alley. Of course, this ship does not have a bowling alley and many of the guests in earshot will start to look for it.

It’s Not Their Fault They Smell

When you walk past a member of the crew, there’s a chance you may get a whiff of something bad. Just know that they’re doing they’re best. There are practically no free washing machines on the ship at any time. There are only five to 15 washers and dryers for 1,000 to 2,500 crew members. They’d have to camp out for hours to get a free one, and usually their job doesn’t allow them to do that.

Wine Cruise Hack

If you’re still intent on going on a cruise (which is fine, they’re still fun), consider this if you’re a fan of wine. Ordering a bottle is always cheaper than ordering a glass of wine at a time. If you find yourself unable to finish it though, then you can ask the waiters to mark your bottle with your room number and store it at the bar. You can have it another evening and you save a few extra dollars.

Take A Trip To The Sauna

Saunas are the perfect place to go when you need to relax. Let off some steam, some might say. And with their availability, you can just walk right into one without having to pay for a more lavish steam room. If you were to take a shower in the spa, the towels are often clearn and they offer superior toiletries.

The Danger Of Whales

A lot of different whale species are endangered, so you shouldn’t do anything to harm them. But be mindful that they can still harm you. Some whale species, like the blue whale, you’ll find to be even larger than your ship. The impact of hitting a whale generally isn’t felt on the ship, if they’re below water, so that’s good for the peace of mind of the passengers. But whales can still cause a good deal of damage if they hit the ship while breaching.

In Case Of Sea Sickness

Motion sickness while onboard is a common issue with cruises. You may take dramamine or some other medication, but there is a natural remedy that any cruise crew member will tell you about: green apples and bland crackers. Those often seem to help get guests back on their feet. They can be found in the purser’s desk or ordered by room service to your cabin. It’ll probably save you some money or at least a trip to the pharmacy.

Make Sure To Give Accurate Feedback

At the end of your voyage, you’ll probably receive a questionnaire asking how you enjoyed your vacation. Just make sure to be honest and thorough, especially if speaking about a specific crew member. If they were helpful, that could mean a promotion for them. If they were a nuisance, that could mean they get removed from the ship. So don’t just throw out that card!