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The Most Expensive Bodyguards Of The World’s Elite

The bodyguard, a necessary occupation for those of high status. Sometimes, people need to be protected from those who hate them. Other times, they need to be protected from those that love them. Either way, bodyguards are certainly important. But with some bodyguards, their employers have a high amount of respect for their employee’s skills. Those are the bodyguards that make the big bucks. These are some of the most expensive protection details in the world.

Jennifer Aniston

Star’s Net Worth: $300 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

As a big Hollywood film and television star, Jennifer Aniston has quite a few fans. And, of course, those fans can get a bid rabid sometimes. So it makes sense that she spends $240,000 on security a year. In 2o13 she was even seen with Sheldon, a man famous for his job as a celebrity bodyguard.

Katy Perry

Star’s Net Worth: $330 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

This pop star and American Idol judge upped her security after giving birth to her first child in 2020. The costs for her security is a whopping $350,000 a year. One of her bodyguards is also well-known to the public for looking like Hugh Jackman, at least when he grows out his facial hair.

David And Victoria Beckham

Star’s Net Worth: $900 million (combined)
Annual Protection Cost: 
$1 million+

This power couple of a soccer star and pop star turned fashion designer is rolling in the dough. And their annual protection cost reflects how much much money they make. It’s estimated to be over $1 million. Their combined property is worth $80 million and they made sure to beef up security at each of their properties.

Halle Berry

Star’s Net Worth: $90 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

Halle Berry is no stranger to the limelight and is commonly seen in public with one of her bodyguards. She likes to keep fit, and often takes her bodyguards on hikes with her. Although, it doesn’t seem as though they really need the exercise.


Star’s Net Worth: $220 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

Fans are charmed by her down-to-earth demeanor, but let’s not forget that she’s filthy rich. While the amount she spends on security is more on the low end for the celebrities on this list, she still spends $75,000 a year on security. She actually hired a former bodyguard of Lady Gaga, Pete Van Der Veen, in 2017. He comes highly recommended and has a sterling reputation as a private security agent.

Barbra Streisand

Star’s Net Worth: $400 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

Barbra Streisand’s resume seems to be longer than the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She’s always gracious and kind when meeting fans, but she knows not to underestimate them and always travels with security.

Bella Hadid

Star’s Net Worth: $25 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

Bella Hadid, as well as her sister, Gigi, have been taking the fashion industry by storm. One of Bella’s bodyguards has gained a lot of notoriety for a similar appearance or aesthetic to Jason Statham. She’ll be quick to reprimand her protectors, however, if they go to far. In 2017, she did just that when one of her bodyguards pushed a female paparazzi.

Britney Spears

Star’s Net Worth: $70 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

Britney Spears’ life has been fraught with turmoil and stress, and a lot of that can be attributed to the paparazzi. That probably has something to do with why she spends around $600,000 on protection a year. Security in her homes is always tight, to ensure her protection as well as the protection of her child.

Kylie Jenner

Star’s Net Worth: $1 billion
Annual Protection Cost: 
$4.8 million

Kylie Jenner’s become such a big superstar in her own right, it seems as though she’s beginning to outshine her sister, Kim Kardashian. And with that fame comes a need for more protection. Her primary bodyguard, Tim Chung, has gained a following of his own for his attractive face and great physique.

Taylor Swift

Star’s Net Worth: $400 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

How could anyone forget about Taylor Swift, who’s been a pop star since she was a teenager. She often gets involved on feuds on social media, so its possible she’d need protection from her own, rabid fans, as well as the fans of other celebrities. Sometimes she takes her bodyguards to do things they ordinarily wouldn’t enjoy, like shopping trips or sitting on a Rollercoaster. However, the money they make far outweighs anything bad.


Star’s Net Worth: $1.7 billion
Annual Protection Cost: 

Rihanna has a very dedicated fanbase, and is very dedicated to her craft, herself. That being said, she heavily relies on security to get from point A to be B. She’s even been shown being carried by her bodyguards in at least a few photos. They’re at least smiling in the pictures, so it doesn’t appear to be a particularly bad thing she has them do.

Jennifer Lopez

Star’s Net Worth: $400 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

Jennifer Lopez is both an accomplished actress and singer. And because of how much money she has, and how famous she is, a protection detail is all but a requirement. On at least one instance, her former fiance, Alex Rodriguez, was mistaken for one of his bodyguards.

Amy Adams

Star’s Net Worth: $60 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

Amy Adams generally stays out of the limelight when she’s not working, so her security costs are a little more modest than most of the other celebrities on this list. Her security guards are generally hired based off of recommendation, so the lineup of her guards that you might see could look familiar.


Star’s Net Worth: $10 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

Kesha doesn’t make as much money as other celebrities, or at least her net worth isn’t as high, so she can’t pay the exorbitant fees for good security that other celebrities can. However, she has plenty of money to afford security when she needs it. She is seen waling arm-in-arm with her guards, so she doesn’t have nearly as big an issue being seen with her guards as opposed to other celebrities, who ask for them to walk a few steps behind or in front.

Daniel Radcliffe

Star’s Net Worth: $106 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

Since the end of the Harry Potter films, while Daniel Radcliffe is still acting, he lives a generally more quiet life. However, he still has rather energetic fans, so a guard detail will always be necessary. Radcliffe isn’t known for being a particularly tall man, himself, so his bodyguards always dwarf him in size.

Jason Momoa

Star’s Net Worth: $14 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

Jason Momoa’s such a big and intimidating man that you wouldn’t think he’d need bodyguards. Not only does he have a few (that he’s a foot taller than), he spends $125,000 on security every year.

Geri Halliwell

Star’s Net Worth: $140 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

Victoria Beckham isn’t the only former Spice Girl with an expensive entourage. Geri Halliwell spends $65,000 on protection every year. And she’s often seen with the same bodyguard. The man has received quite a few of his own friends for how broad and muscular he is. Not to mention his distinct mohawk.

Michael Jackson

Star’s Net Worth: $1.125 billion
Annual Protection Cost: 
$1 million

Michael Jackson is no longer with us, but he spent so much money on security it’s still worth noting how much he spent on security. With a $1 million annual protection cost, he surpasses almost everyone every other celebrity on this list. It’s understandable how the King of Pop, and one of the richest people at the time, would need some much money for security.


Star’s Net Worth: $440 million
Annual Protection Cost: 
$2-4 million

If the King of Pop had a protection cost over $1 million, of course the “Queen Bee” would have an even higher protection cost. She does travel frequently, and would want to keep her family safe. Not to mention, some Beyonce fans can be rather rabid.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Star’s Net Worth: $180 million (combined)
Annual Protection Cost: 

When you’re an incredible power couple like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds and have three kids, security is a must have. Whenever they’re in public, they’re always seen with a few bodyguards.

Megan Markle

Star’s Net Worth: $5 million
Annual Protection Cost: 
$20 million

Megan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, aren’t the only royals with exorbitantly high security fees, but they are some of the most famous. Markle’s annual protection cost is $20 million, five times higher than that of even Beyonce’s. Even though Markle and Harry have stepped down from their official duties as royals, it’s still important to stay protected.


Star’s Net Worth: $850 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

Most musicians would give up an arm and a leg to be as successful as Madonna. So, it only makes sense that she keeps around an expensive and skilled protection team. Half a million dollars a year for security seems like chump change when you’re as rich as she is.

Floyd Mayweather

Star’s Net Worth: $450 million
Annual Protection Cost: $750,000

You’d think one of the richest boxers in the world would know how to protect himself. Well, him being able to fight isn’t exactly the problem. Carrying around $250,000 in cash most of the time, however, is. He’s named his security team “The Money Team”. They even have personalized T-shirts!

Lady Gaga

Star’s Net Worth: $320 million
Annual Protection Cost: 

No matter where she’s going and how far, Lady Gaga always makes sure to bring with her several bodyguards. One of her most common bodyguards was Pete Van Der Veen, who you may recognize from when we talked about Adele. He’s a serious, Dutch-born bodyguard, with the presence to ordinarily dissuade anyone from approaching his employer with a glance.

Kate Middleton

Star’s Net Worth: $8.2 million
Annual Protection Cost: 
$20 million+

It really shouldn’t be too surprising that the wife and mother to two different future kings has the most expensive security detail on this list. Kate Middleton’s safety is a top priority for the British Royal Family, spending more than $20 million on it a year. While the cost is picked up by the crown instead of Kate, herself, that’s still an exorbitant fee.