The Impressive Net Worths Of HGTV’s Biggest Stars

HGTV is a common television network visited by people that are fans of reality TV and home improvement. After all, the station combines the two flawlessly. However, while many enjoy the shows, has anyone ever asked how much money the shows’ hosts make? This question is about to be answered, as the net worths of several HGTV stars will be revealed, right now.

Josh Temple ($1,000,000)

Starting off with a more meager net worth in comparison to his contemporaries, we have Josh Temple. He’s been the host on shows such as America’s Toughest Jobs and Disaster House. In addition, he’s been a guest star on comedy series such as Will and Grace and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Matthew Blashaw ($1,500,000)

Blashaw started out in Hollywood as an actor, but it wasn’t until the mid 2000s when he found his calling as the host of Project Xtreme. He’d later go on to host other home improvement shows like Yard CrashersDIY Insider, and Vacation House for Free. His net worth is only a little higher than Temple’s at $1,500,000, but it doesn’t seem like he’ll be out of work anytime soon.

Sabrina Soto ($2,000,000)

Sabrina Soto learned her skills in home improvement from her mother, who ran a decorating and home staging business. She’s been the host of The High/Low Project and one of the featured designers on HGTV’d. Her net worth is around $2,000,000.

Jillian Harris ($3,000,000)

Jillian Harris started as a contestant on The Bachelorette, but has since made a name for herself on HGTV. She managed to get a hosting gig on the series Love It or List It, and got herself a net worth of $3,000,000 in addition.

David Bromstad ($4,000,000)

David Bromstad was the winner of the first Design Star competition in 2006 and has been enhancing his brand ever since. The following year he was a guest judge on the show. And by 2012 he had worked his way up to host. He also does some blogging for HGTV, focusing on his design secrets. His net worth is around $2,000,000.

Scott McGillivray ($4,000,000)

Scott McGillivray started out as a real estate investor after studying it in college, but quickly realized he preferred working with his hands. He went into carpentry after graduating and ended up on the show Income Property. He has an estimated net worth of $4,000,000.

Christina Haack ($4,000,000)

Christina Anstead co-hosts the show Flip or Flop with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa (who is also on this list). She is also the host of her own show, Christina on the Coast. Her estimated net worth is $4,000,000.

David Visentin ($4,200,000)

David Visentin is part of a real-estate duo with Hilary Farr. They act as the real-estate agents on the show Love It or List It. He’s also a top agent in the Southern Ontario market. His estimated net worth is $4,200,000.

Genevieve Gorder ($5,000,000)

Genevieve Gorder’s impeccable taste in interior design is what helped her land gigs on the shows HGTV Design StarGenevieve’s Renovation, and Dear Genevieve. With everyone interested in her skills, she isn’t short on work. Her estimated net worth is $5,000,000.

Erin And Ben Napier ($5,000,000)

Erin and Ben Napier host Home Town in Laurel, Mississippi. They renovate turn-of-the-century homes for real estate buyers. Erin focuses on interior design while Ben uses his skills in craftsmanship for impeccable results. They modernize while making the home affordable. Their joint net worth is estimated to be around $5,000,000.

Pete de Best ($5,000,000)

Pete de Best was the best contractor hired on the show Flip or Flop. You’d think that would make his net worth lower than Christina Haack’s, at the bare minimum, but it turns out he gets a fair bit of work off the air as well. He’s one of the most experienced loan originators in the country, giving him a net worth around $5,000,000.

Egypt Sherrod ($6,000,000)

Egypt Sherrod began as a mild-mannered real estate agent, eventually getting hosting gigs on Property Virgins and Flipping Virgins. She also hosts a radio program in Atlanta. This contributes to her current net worth of $6,000,000.

Tarek El Moussa ($6,000,000)

The earlier mentioned co-host of Flip or Flip and the ex-husband of Christina Haack. It’s a shame he’s best known for his divorce, but his net worth’s still around $6,000,000.

Carter Oosterhouse ($8,000,000)

He used to be a regular carpenter, but he’s managed to put his skills to good use on HGTV. He’s used his skills on Trading Spaces, as well as helping to launch the shows Red Hot and Green and Million Dollar Rooms. On the side he does a little bit of modeling too. His net worth is a nice $8,000,000.

Jennie Garth ($8,000,000)

Other than her work on HGTV, Jennie Garth is known for her roles on Beverly Hills, 90210 and the sitcom What I Like About You. On HGTV, proper she’s known for hosting The Jennie Garth Project, wherein she renovated a 1970s-style ranch house with her three daughters. Her net worth is estimated to be around $8,000,000.

Hilary Farr ($8,000,000)

You may recognize Hilary Farr from her role as Betty Munroe in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. On HGTV, she works with David Visentin on Love it or List it. Additionally, she’s the president of her own company, Hilary Farr Designs. Doing well for herself, she’s managed to get her net worth to $8,000,000.

Nicole Curtis ($10,000,000)

Nicole Curtis is a licensed real estate agent and an interior designer, so her skillset translates fairly well to working on HGTV. She worked on Rehab Addict, a show whose premise revolves around showing people that anyone can remodel their house on a meager budget. Her popularity has allowed her to gain an impressive net worth of $10,000,000.

Candice Olson ($10,000,000)

Candice Olson is well-renowned for her skill in interior design. Her specialities include residential and commercial properties. Some of Olson’s many HGTV series include Candice Tells All and Divine Design. Her skills and notoriety have gotten her a net worth of $10,000,000.

John Gidding ($16,000,000)

John Gidding really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to homes. He got an architecture degree at Yale and another one from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Eventually, the native of Turkey found himself on HGTV’s Curb Appeal. Additionally, he’s acted as a consultant on many different projects, such as New York’s Brooklyn Bridge Park and parts of the 2008 Beijing Olympics stadium.

Chip And Joanna Gaines ($20,000,000)

Some of the most recognizable faces on HGTV, Chip and Joanna Gaines host the monumentally successful show Fixer Upper. They’re two of the people everyone immediately thinks of when looking for help on home renovations. As a couple, they’ve accumulated $10,000,000 each towards their net worth.

Lara Spencer ($20,000,000)

Lara Spencer has one of the most impressive net worths on this list, at $20,000,000. However, HGTV isn’t the only station she’s worked on. While she’s had her time on HGTV with shows like I Break for Yard Sales and Flea Market Flip, she’s also co-anchored ABC’s Good Morning America and Nightline. She’s even won an Emmy!

Bryan Baeumler ($20,000,000)

Bryan Baeumler is the owner and namesake of his own construction company. He eventually took his skills to the screen on HGTV Canada on shows like House of Bryan and Disaster DIY. With his business skill and television appearances, he’s garnered a net worth of $20,000,000.

Mike Holmes ($30,000,000)

Formerly the wealthiest individual on HGTV, he once left everyone in his dust. There’s also a good chance you never watched his show. He’s been learning and working in real estate since he was six years old. And he’s certainly put that knowledge to good use with his own construction company and show, Holmes Homes. He’s managed to get a net worth of $30,000,000.

Jonathan and Drew Scott ($200,000,000)

These two have the highest net worth on this list by a wide margin. Combined, their net worth totals $200,000,000. Even halved to accommodate for their net worths being separate, that still beats out Mike Holmes by $70,000,000. The Property Brothers stars are certainly some of the most famous HGTV people out there.